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The ultimate fitness band!
Microsoft Band 2 is full of great features. It tracks both physical activity and sleep, and has 11 sensors, GPS, barometer and an optional HR monitor. The band 2 has an amazing, bright AMOLED screen. [more…]

Best GPS sports watch!
The Garmin Fenix 3 is rugged as well as classy. It has a clear color screen and a great battery life. Its multi-features include activity tracking, accurate GPS functionality and smart watch capability. Definitely worth the price. [more…]

Classic look!
The Garmin Vivimove provides all the basic fitness tracking utilities in a classy package. You can wear this at work as well as in the gym. [more…]


Stylish with a long Battery life!
The Withings Activite Steel is a cool watch that does covert fitness tracking. It boasts of an eight months battery life. [more…]



Great smart-fitness-watch with many features
The Fitbit Blaze is a cool fitness watch with a great screen and a 5-day battery life. [more…]




What activity trackers do?

Activity trackers come in many styles, shapes and sizes. They tracking your activity, fitness levels, sleep, and calorie consumption. By understanding these trends, users can monitor and adjust behaviors that influence overall health and well-being.

How do activity trackers work?

Most activity trackers monitor every detail of your day with sophisticated motion sensors. Activity trackers can automatically sync your information to PCs, Macs, and select Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth Smart Ready devices. Depending on the model, sensors will detect walking, twitches during sleep, and even heart rate. Data from these events is transmitted to a smartphone or computer via a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Whether you’re interested in your sleep quality or the number of calories burned canoeing, data from these events is literally at your fingertips with the tracker’s companion smartphone app.

How are activity trackers different from smartwatches?

Although, in some instances, both devices can tell time, activity trackers are primarily dedicated to monitoring biometric data and physical activity. Smart watches leap beyond fitness, enabling users to check email, answer calls, and much more.

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