Best Drones for the Casual Enthusiast

best drones for enthusiasts
Out-of-the-Box Flying

For easy setup, choose a drone that is ready-to-fly right out of the box. Many entry-level drones require minimal setup and come with everything you need to take off, including, battery, charger, controller, and manual. To fly just charge the battery, attach any accessories (like prop guards), and connect the controller to your smartphone. For cameraless drones, you’ll need to mount an action camera to start your filming adventure. Remember, you must check to ensure flight is authorized and that your flight conforms to all applicable regulations before taking flight.

Flight Modes

Most photography drones include three flight modes: auto, hover, and manual. Auto-flight modes are preprogrammed computer-assisted course settings that allow for automatic flying via GPS. There is no standard set of auto-flight mode terms, but among the most popular are orbit, cable cam, follow me and return home. Drones with auto and hover flying modes are recommended for all levels of operators. Hover will stop drone movement when the operator removes their hands from the controls and is particularly useful when learning to operate a drone or filming from a single position in the air.


For cameraless drones, a compatible action camera and stabilizing gimbal are essential for capturing high-quality footage. Other accessories to consider to make the most of your flying time are extra batteries, Micro SD Cards, spare drone propellers, and drone prop guards.

FLY RESPONSIBLY – Know the rules before you take off.

Many countries, including the United States, regulate the use of unmanned aircraft. Before flying, make sure to understand the rules that apply to you.

Learn more about flying responsibly


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