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QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones are the best-performing around-ear headphones from Bose. They give you crisp, powerful sound–and quiet that lets you hear your music better. Bose advances their industry-leading headphones with the latest proprietary Bose Active EQ and TriPort technology, giving the music you love deep, clear sound. At the same time, Bose noise cancelling technology monitors the noise around you and cancels it out, helping you focus on what you want to hear–whether it’s your music, your calls or simply peace and quiet. With a distinctive design and two color options to match your style, these headphones look as good as they sound. They’re also comfortable, durably made and easy to stow, with earcups that pivot to fit in a small carrying case. Customized for Apple devices. Included: QuietComfort 25 headphones; 56-inch QC25 inline remote and microphone cable; airline adapter; carrying case; AAA battery.

Customer Reviews

Best Bose Headset Yet (Comparison to QC15 and QC20)

1,745 people found this helpful.
 on September 18, 2014
By Jake Flash
The QC25 is Bose’ best noise cancelling headphone to date. As someone who has been using Bose QC headphones daily for 3+ years now, I think I can give this a reasonably educated review. I have owned QC15 (predecessor to these headphones) for about 3 years now, and have owned QC20 (in-ear headphones) since they came out. My musical tastes are varied: everything from Yiruma to Taylor Swift to Childish Gambino to Zedd. I listen at my desk at home, in the office, and on public transportation.

college student on the go

261 people found this helpful.
 on January 30, 2015
By kevin butler
I recently became obsessed with headphones after my 8 year old son wanted a pair of beats headphones for Christmas. I looked for some bargain deals for a pair of used beats, only to find that most of the people that were selling them stated something was either broken, missing or malfunctioning. so I said to myself why would anyone want to pay so much money for something with such poor quality? so I did my research on those headphones only to find out that they are not quality headphones. They have great sound but no durability whatsoever. So I decided that would be a bad idea to buy for an 8 year old who can’t keep a pair of shoes clean for two days. So I said to myself if the Beats Headphones werent the industry standard as I thought, then who was? my research led me to names like Sennheiser, klipsch, vmoda, audio technical and Bose. I soon after bought a pair of headphones from each brand. I love to bargain shop so I found some pairs brand new and some were used. I have the sennheiser momentums, klipsch status, Audio Technica m50, and the bose QC25.

Yeah…. My wife likes them. …

259 people found this helpful.
 on April 7, 2015
By Richard D. Holschen
Yeah….My wife likes them.

Quite a great – except lack of wireless support

156 people found this helpful.
 on December 18, 2015
By inuro
This is quite a great headphone. Large ear pads are good for glasses-wearing person like me.

Not your typical Bose customer

214 people found this helpful.
 on November 19, 2014
By Amazon Customer
I’m not like most reviewers on here. I do not fly often. I do not work in an office where the noise of the A/C’s bother me. I haven’t ever owned another pair of headphones this high end so I do not have anything to compare them to. I have been called a “high tech redneck” before by several of my friends. I have an Iphone, Mac and samsung tablet. So what do I do and why do I want or need a pair of 300 dollar head phones? Well, I work offshore on a derrick barge (a boat out in the Gulf with a huge crane). My routine is I show up for work and take a bus (usually 3-5 hours) to a dock. The bus is full of all manner of noise. These headphones blocked all of that out. No stray conversations. No snoring. The noise cancelling is awesome. The music quality is great if you are not into deep bass. The sound is clear, precise, full bodied with very balanced high, mids and lows. Queen’s Somebody To Love gave me goosebumbs the first time I listened to it. You will hear parts of songs that you’ve never heard before. The music is very rich and clear without having to be turned up. John Bohnam’s bass drum pedal squeaks in Led Zep’s Since I’ve Been Loving You and it is very clear even with the occasional loud outburst. After the bus ride I then step aboard a crew boat and ride the loud, rocking, diesel fueled beast 3-6 hours out to where ever the barge is. During the boat ride I like to watch TV shows or movies on my tablet. Before I owned theses headphones it was hard to hear the dialogue of the characters with my tablet’s volume all the way up. With these I could hear the TV and music in the background of Sons of Anarchy while the characters were speaking. I also listen to audiobooks and these are great for that. After the boat ride I am transferred to the barge. I work, eat, sleep and relax while under the tracks of a crawler crane (the kind of crane with tracks). To say it is noisy is an understatement. These cover that and make it enjoyable to listen to Norah Jones before bed. If I would have known that her voice would sound even more angelic through these headphones I would have bought them a long time ago. I was watching Sons earlier and someone yelled through the Gaitronics (the overhead paging/phone system) and I could hear the speech but could not make out the words. It is very nice to be able to raise and lower the volume on my mac while leaning back in my chair. The same controls work on my Iphone but do not work on my tablet. Nothing in life is perfect. I like that they still work if the battery dies. I carry many batteries with me. It is more convenient than having to charge the headphones themselves. I like that they can just reduce the noise without music. It sounds and feels like I am sitting in a vacuum until someone drops something on deck. It is muffled but you can still hear it. To tell you how awesome they are, the crew was running winches (the huge diesel engines that turn the drums for the huge anchors) and the whole barge shakes. I could feel the barge vibrate but could not hear it. I had to take them off to make sure there wasn’t an emergency. The case could be better (they could come in a pelican case) but I doubt you office types would like that. Comfort? Yes. They are like wearing a dream. After 6 hours of my other in-ear, I would be sore. After 8 hours of my on ear my ears would be sore from where they would press against my glasses. These touch my glasses but I do not feel it and it does not disturb me. All in all, these are worth their weight in gold (which is what it cost to own a pair) when you work and live in a noisy environment. I should have saved all the money from the countless numbers of other earphones I have purchased while working out here and bought the Bose ones first. I hope this helps in your decision.
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