Sunday, December 17, 2017
Logitech POWERPLAY charging system

New Logitech POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System

Logitech POWERPLAY was designed from the ground up to deliver uninterrupted charging over its mousing surface - even while the mouse is in play.

Sephora Virtual Artist Color Match for Virtual Try On

Sephora, the leader in global prestige beauty retail, continues to drive mobile engagement with the launch of even more augmented reality-based features to Sephora Virtual Artist on its award-winning iOS and Android apps.
Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung Introduces New Notebook 9 Pro

The Notebook 9 Pro’s built-in S Pen allows for a precise and natural handwriting experience. it can detect more than 4,000 levels of pressure ...
BaDoinkVR Virtual Sexology

BaDoinkVR Provides Groundbreaking Virtual Sexology Experience for Women

BaDoinkVR, the world's premiere destination for adult virtual reality entertainment, today announced the availability of Virtual Sexology II: What Women Want, the next installment of the Virtual Sexology series designed specifically for women.
Best Headphones Graduation Gifts 2017

Best Headphones Graduation Gifts 2017

Here is a selection of both wired and wireless headphones graduation gifts ideas that can make any grad happy! Those headphones are also top sellers!