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Magellan TRX7 Adds Vibrant HD Camera To Change The Way Off-Roaders Navigate, Capture And Share Adventures

Off-roaders craving nothing more than getting off the beaten path and navigating through a new trail may now, for the first time, capture their entire experience with vibrant video and photos using the all-new Magellan TRX7 CS. The TRX7 CS is the first-ever combined turn-by-turn GPS and HD camera system designed exclusively with off-roaders in mind. Purpose built for hitting the trail, Magellan is changing the way adventurers of all levels navigate, capture and share their trail rides with the world.

The enhanced system builds on the unprecedented power of the original TRX7 unit. Drivers may now easily and confidently navigate from their front door to more than 117,000 pre-loaded trails, record video/picture highlights with detailed geotagging, navigate home then upload images to waypoints on Magellan’s interactive website,

A Feature-Rich Camera to Vividly Capture Off-Road Triumphs

Magellan’s industry-leading off-road navigation device is now complemented with a camera that records crystal-clear video with the ability to take still photos simultaneously
Camera features adjustable light settings, auto focus, LED flash, a count-down timer and the ability to capture panoramic images/time lapse videos, all with automatic geo location tagging
“As an avid off-roader with numerous years of off-highway driving experience, I can truly say that the TRX7 CS is clearly the most intelligent and purpose-built portable GPS system in the industry,” said Steve Von Seggern, director of marketing for Magellan GPS’s Off-Highway Vehicle division. “There’s a reason it’s been incredibly popular among off-road enthusiasts, professional off-roaders and new four-wheel drive vehicle owners alike. Being able to seamlessly navigate from your driveway and through an unprecedented number of pre-loaded routes away from cell phone reception areas; to map your runs and visually record highlights with built-in HD camera; then head home to share your explorations via social media to a growing online community of likeminded off-roaders – there’s simply no other experience like it.”

Unmatched Off-Road Navigation Power and Enthusiast Features; Mobile Apps Don’t Compare

The new TRX7 CS system brings unparalleled off-road GPS specs that elevate the confidence of any level of off-road vehicle driver.

More than 117,000 different pre-loaded and authorized navigable trails; Topographical and street maps across the continental United States are also pre-loaded
Ultra-intelligent map and trail system that works with no cellular data connection
All featured trails are approved for motorized traffic by government agencies including the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management
Companion mobile app allows access to map, trails and user profile
Running Android OS, theTRX7 CS enables music access, email, web browsing and other features when a data connection is available
Shock resistant and IP67 dust and waterproof – while featuring a bright, seven-inch high resolution touch screen

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