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bObi Classic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Say goodbye to dustballs forever when you adopt bObi Classic, the wunderkind robotic vacuum who offers three touchscreen buttons that make life clean and simple. Tap on GO! to let her freely zoom around your house collecting scraps into her washable dustbin, or watch her clean in a WAFFLE pattern to remove a stubborn shoe print on the floor. You can also have her plug into her charging station for some JUICE, but she’ll do that anyway when her battery runs low. If you’re too tapped out to give her commands, then you can easily set a schedule on her remote so she starts herself up whenever you like. To set bObi up and see the lights (Go! Waffle Juice) light up, install the battery and turn it ON.

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bObi the fabulous

Sleek, Chic, and Smart

Start coming home from work every day to a clean house, without lifting a finger. Crumbs – gone. Pet hair – swept away. Dust and debris – a thing of the past. bObi the intelligent, hands-free cleaner will do all the dirty work for you, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping your floors to perfection. With advanced wireless technology, obstacle sensors, and a compact, modern design, bObi brings a new standard of clean to your home… without sacrificing any style!

  • Convenient and User-Friendly
  • Efficient and Multi-tasking

Wireless Remote

You can control bObi’s every movement and set her cleaning schedule through her cutting-edge, Wi-Fi enabled remote.

Touchscreen Buttons

bObi, like your smartphone, has an illuminated, easy-to-use touchscreen. bObi’s cleaning functions can be activated through three buttons: GO!, JUICE, and WAFFLE.

5-in-1 Cleaning

Simultaneous sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and UV sterilization make bObi the efficient, multi-tasking cleaner that she is.

Edge + Obstacle Sensors

bObi avoids drops, platforms, and other obstacles in her path, thanks to her infrared edge sensors and 80 touch sensors.

Go! (Robot) Mode

bObi will maneuver across all floors and surfaces, automatically going back to her charging station when her battery falls below 15%.

Advanced Dirt Detection

bObi’s high-sensitivity dirt sensors alert her CPU to focus on a soiled area while her Wall Track feature alerts her to sweep along walls and corners.


Customer Reviews

bObi vs. Roomba

191 helpful votes
 on November 12, 2015
By Naomi Funabashi
I own both the bObi in white and a Roomba 650. BObi is definitely a quieter and more powerful vacuum than the Roomba. It has many features which are not found on Roombas within this price point (HEPA filter, UV light, remote-control cleaning, etc. — Roombas with some of these features retail for around $500, $800, or more) and which make this a serious competitor. The waffle mode (in which it cleans a small area) is also extremely useful and something I wish my 650 had. For what it’s worth, the personality, design, and personal touch given the bObi (it comes with a birth certificate and its modes are named things like juice and the aforementioned waffle) also make it fun and give it more life, though that’s likely a matter more of personal taste.

Very pleased with this product

2 helpful votes
 on January 9, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Very pleased with this product. We have two Great Danes (shedding may be short hair but there is a ton!) and two cats. bObi keeps up like a champ! She runs every night downstairs while we sleep so we wake up to freshly cleaned floors. My whole house is hardwood so I can’t speak to how it works on carpeting.

Amazing customer service

2 helpful votes
 on January 19, 2017
By Angie
We love our Bobi and had an amazing experience with bObsweep customer service. After about 6 months bobi started having some issues. I contacted customer service. They were absolutely amazing, they helped me do some troubleshooting and we determined that she had an issue with her motherboard. It was an extremely easy and fast process. They even sent her back with new brushes and a bag of candy for us. I couldn’t have asked for better service.

Bobi is fantastic! Being somewhat skeptical

1 helpful vote
 on April 13, 2017
Bobi is fantastic! Being somewhat skeptical, for the first time i tested Bobi’s performance after having cleaned my carpets with a big vacuum cleaner. My thought was that surely a ‘little’ vacuum would have no work left over for it, and I couldn’t have been more wrong! Bobi worked very hard, and the results were plain obvious in the amount of debris and dust it has collected in the first half-hour, which was quite astonishing to me. In an apartment with old-ish low pile carpet flooring, Bobi is an absolute life saver because she is collecting dust that probably accumulated in the carpets over the years with great ease, and without stirring up all of that dust into the air! She may be small in size, but is fabulously powerful when it comes to cleaning, dusting and vacuuming! She even did a very good job of cleaning a high-pile shag carpet, but she does need a little supervision when doing so in case the long piles get stuck while she is vacuuming them, and hence needs to be freed. Would highly recommend Bobi to anyone, and indeed she can work not just with, but instead of a big vacuum cleaner for she is just as powerful!

Best buy of the year!

8 helpful votes
 on February 1, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I bough b0bi at a spur of the moment, I am writing my thesis and the house is a mess. Although b0bi doesn’t pick things from the floor it does a great job sweeping. My apartment is a 2 bedroom apt, with a kitchen, living room, and 1 bathroom, all carpeted (except for the bathroom and kitchen) and b0bi goes all around the house cleaning. Its a quite and powerful vacuum that I don’t have to supervise, I just press a button and watch him go. The bin is not that big but I have b0bi to automatically clean everyday in the morning but after a couple of days of the bin finishing up full, now it doesn’t fill up. The battery last almost 2 hrs so it is enough to go all around the house, he uses a really cool algorithm (that initially doesnt make sense) but somehow he does cover every nook and cranny of the apt.
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