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  • For sale no 1 best seller selfie stick blue handheld monopod by zonabel with bluetooth camera remote
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  • For sale atree extendable handheld wireless bluetooth selfie stick with universal phone holder for i
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– Are you looking for a Selfie Stick that will stay sturdy in your hand?
– Maybe you have seen ones where the phone twists and turns as you’re trying to take a picture?
– Or are you Looking for a Bluetooth Remote that will actually work when you want it to?
– Do you want a Handheld Monopod that will hold any Phone?
– Want a Selfie Stick for Your Phone and GoPro? Well Guess What…

– When fully extended our Selfie Stick won’t turn the phone upside down and will keep it in place.
– Double Your Sticks length by attaching another to the bottom end of the handle (if 40″ isn’t already enough).
– The ZONABEL Selfie Stick works with nearly all Smartphones and most GoPro mounts!!!
– Our Selfie Stick is compatible with nearly all Smartphones: Must be iOS 5.0 and Android 4.2.2 or later
Our products are packaged in the safest possible way and we fully guarantee your happiness!
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Customer Reviews

Who doesn’t love taking selfies?? I know I do!

9 people found this helpful.
 on July 6, 2015
By Michael Breyer
A couple of years ago if you would had said “let’s take a selfie”…People would have looked at you very confused. Now when you are at an event, or a attraction all you see is people taking selfies. The largest problem with a selfie is your arms are only so long. You can never capture the true background behind you. That was until the Zonabel selfie stick was released.

Its fun to take selfies with the awesome selfie stick

4 people found this helpful.
 on June 9, 2015
By ReviewerMom
Who does not love a selfie stick these days. We all love taking selfies. I love taking selfies indoors and outdoors. I remember every time we go on vacations or any place to visit we need to ask other people around to take our group photos but not any more. Now I have a great selfie stick. It has a blue tooth remote control to take the selfies. The selfie stick has a high quality. The selfie stick has the 25″ stainless steel extension. The selfie stick has the soft pad to hold the phone. It does not scratch or damage the phone. The selfie stick is great for all iPhones, Samsung S5, S6, Android phones etc. I have used my iPhone 5S and it fits perfectly. Also I tried my hubby’s iPhone 5 and it paired it with his phone within few seconds. The selfie stick has the bluetooth feature in the remote. You pair it with your phone’s bluetooth. Make sure your phone’s bluetooth is on. The remote needs a battery which is included. The remote has turn on/off switch. you hold the selfie stick in one hand and use remote from other hand. It is in black color. Also in a group photo any member can hold the remote and click the photo. The remote and selfie stick both has string or band to put around your wrist for safety of the device. In case the remote or selfie stick slips from your hand it will be secure from falling due to the band/string.

If you are wanting to take a picture and not try told the camera button and phone as the same time. Problem solved.

One person found this helpful.
 on August 26, 2015
By Diana
I have had selfie sticks before but never one with a remote. I am a beauty blogger it is hard to sometimes get the right picture of holding the phone and getting face just right. Well with this one I can put my phone on the stick and then grab the remote. I can hold the selfie stick in one hand and remote in another. I just have to push a button and not more juggling the phone with your fingers and making sure you hit the right button. So if you are one who gets together with friends and need something to hold way out there and a button to push when all is ready to take picture. Problem solved now with this set. The stick is not a flimsy one and holds up a heavy phone with no problems. Just make sure you download the correct application for your phone. It is so easy even a little one could do this. The selfie stick extends out to 40 inches which I think is the longest I have seen out there. I only wish they could make the remote with detachable cord or key chain. If it was key chain it would be perfect. Pictures below show a Samsung galaxy 4 big one. I did try it with a Samsung galaxy mini 4 also. I had no problems working with this. All pictures I took myself.

No to this item!

 on November 18, 2015
The 1st time I used this selfie stick, the part that holds the camera broke completely off, manufacturing defect! The seller however is replacing it with no problem! I gave one of these as a gift and it has functioned perfectly! Best selfie stick I have seen!

Great lightweight selfie stick

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 on June 12, 2015
By JKneer
This selfie stick is so easily to assemble. Just like a regular tripod, you can also tilt the phone at a certain angle. It extends and retracts smoothly without snugs. I love that this monopod is so lightweight so its easier to hold out and extend it without shaking too much due to its weight. The instructions that came with it is very clear that you can use it right away just after a few minutes.

Love this selfie stick better than others

 on July 6, 2015
By ChristinaKS
I really like this selfie stick. Instead of the button on the stick it has a Bluetooth remote, which I prefer. With the remote I have not had any issues with trying to push a button on the stick causing a frustrated look or the picture coming out blurry. I love that I can hold the stick while my friend/husband pushes the button for a big group photo. With the remote I can set the stick to where it holds up the phone and I can have a group photo without holding the stick. Many wonders what is so great about selfie sticks and only “vanity” people carry these. Well I have not used this stick for any real selfies but rather take tons of family outing pictures and group photos, I don’t have to hand my $500 phone to a total stranger, and I don’t have to bother a person to take our picture anymore. I do agree people using these selfie sticks should respect those around them and use these in less crowded areas or atleast make sure you are not hitting people in the head. Other than that these selfie sticks are great the name should be changed to something with group in it. Love that I got mine during a promotional discount.


 on August 12, 2015
Who doesnt like to take selfies? Not only taking selfies but a family picture when you go somewhere and no one can take a picture for you as a group, so this ones comes handy. With smartphones and this selfie stick life makes easier right? We used to bring our dlsr camera and tripod with us when we go somewhere, but now not anywhere, we just bring the smartphones and selfie stick and were good to go. Its easier, not bulky and not heavy. Easy to carry and slide it in your bag because of the size and you always bring your smartphones anyway. I gave this 4 selfie stick for star as the bluetooth/control sometimes work and sometimes doesnt work. Tried reading the instructions as i might be doing something wrong but nothing, i gues thats how it is. I hope they will work something out to improved the quality of the control. I received this product in exchanged for my honest and unbiased review.

Best one by far

 on August 18, 2015
By Shoe Shopper Anon
Selfie sticks are the best we to take pics with a better range than just using your extended arms. The season for weddings, family vacations and graduations, there is no better way to take a group photo. I have both a iPhone 5c and 6 and this fits perfect. The best thing about this Selfie Stick with Extendable Monopod by Zonabel, is the remote, for easier way to take a picture and mostly how it keeps your cell phone upright and stable once the stick is extended. Many have extendable sticks, but they are not steady and your cell is at risk of falling or pic comes out shaking and unstable. This is definitely one of the best out here. It has all the quality features you want in a selfie stick. Convenient enough to fit in average size purse, so great for traveling. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review

It is so easy to use and makes taking the picture so simple

 on July 8, 2015
By ReviewerMom
I was recently given the opportunity to try this selfie stick at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This is the 4th selfie stick I have tried since they become all the “rage” of the moment. I am most impressed with this on so far.