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  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark II Review (with OM-D E-M10 comparison)
  • E-M10 Mark II Product Overview
  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 Micro 4/3 Lens
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  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 II review
  • E-M10 Mark II Product Features
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The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II is a surprisingly sophisticated camera that's a joy to use. Whether you're a novice just snapping shots of your everyday life or a photo enthusiast looking to maximize your creativity, the E-M10 Mark II delivers with a compact profile, intuitively placed controls, and an advanced 5-axis image stabilization system that ensures perfection with every shot!

Technical Details

  • JPEG
  • RAW

Customer Reviews

Another great Olympus OM-D camera

315 helpful votes
 on December 15, 2015
By Moreno Tagliapietra
Hello fellow photographers, in the last 50 years I have photographed a bunch of different subjects in all kind of light conditions with all kind of gear. Today, I sell my large format art prints as a part-part-time pro. My formal education and career are in military electronics. All together, I am quite picky about equipment and my main interest is always about what it can do for me (in exchange for my hard-earned money). For years, I have been photographing with Pentax K cameras (K5 presently) and their pro lenses. Last year, I bought a couple of EM10’s to shoot snow and ice in very cold weather with the most portable, high quality gear I could find. The cameras fit nicely in my Parka pockets with minuscule, slower but good quality Panasonic zoom lenses on them. Last Winter we did get that kind of weather in Lower NYS and I fell in love with the EM10’s to the point of adding an EM5II (mostly because I wanted a weatherized body) and, more recently, upgrading one of the EM10’s to an EM10II (EVF and stabilization being the main reasons).

First impressions from a DSLR user

141 helpful votes
 on January 21, 2016
By Jeff
There are plenty of detailed reviews out there that will give you a technical rundown on this camera’s capabilities. This isn’t one of them.

Great performance. Great complementary camera to a DSLR.

88 helpful votes
 on July 13, 2016
By Rakesh Koul
I bought this camera in Jun 2016 a day before my trip to India & Japan. Because of my trip logistics, I didn’t want to take my DSLR (Canon 70D) + lenses with me. I wanted a camera that is lightweight (mirror-less) with APS or micro-four third sensor, has good high speed performance, can shoot raw, comes with advanced features like exposure bracketing, etc, and along with lenses, fits in my laptop bag. The other camera I considered was Sony A6000 APS, but I missed the deal price on that; so I got this Olympus camera instead just for the trip. My package: E-M10 Mark II + 14-42mm + 40-150mm Lens, bought from Amazon. In my mind I am comparing it Vs. my Canon 70-D DSLR though it may be an apples Vs. oranges comparison, for some of you.

Taking pictures is fun again

7 helpful votes
 on March 29, 2016
By David Y
Smaller than I thought! I’ve had it for just a few days, but I’m really liking it so far. It just makes you want to go and take pictures. It’s fun to use and you quickly get comfortable with the huge number of options available. I got the 25mm f1.8 and it’s perfect.

Great companion camera!

1 helpful vote
 on October 31, 2017
By William Stratford
I took a gamble on a refurbished camera with lens. The box arrived with Olympus Refurbished; everything like it was wrapped and boxed from the factory. The shipped battery had a full charge, so I fired it up with lens attached then connected to the PC to check for Olympus Firmware updates. Bother camera body and lens took the latest update with no issues. The firmware update makes the camera controls nearly identical to the OM-D E-M1 I purchased two years ago, which is just what I was looking for because I like finding things where I think they are. Ever rent a car and you can’t find the cruise control or the wiper or the multi-function steering wheel entertainment controls, well that’s one reason why I stuck with another Olympus OM-D camera. Firmware updated, I tried the 14-42MM lens on some test subjects, I then took the same shots with my 12-40MM PRO lens, and the camera/lens combinations are hard to see any difference when downloaded to the PC and looking at a 20″ 1080P HDMI screen. This camera will see duty with wide angle shots, and the E-M1 will handle the telephoto stuff. This way, I’m not out in the field needing to swap lenses in the fog, rain, snow, dust, etc. It’s so compact, it hardly takes up any space in the camera bag. Buy one, you’ll be glad you did!

Love it!

2 helpful votes
 on April 29, 2017
By Maeve Cardwell
I LOVE this camera! I’m just starting to play around with photography, and so far this seems like a great camera for beginners, extremely user friendly. To start, I was very pleasantly surprised to see what wonderful condition it is in. I was a bit nervous about buying a refurbishing camera, but it looks brand new. The battery was fully charged when it arrived so I was able to start using it as soon as I opened the box. The colors are beautiful, and the quality of the photos is wonderful overall. The settings were designed to make playing around with aperture very easy to figure out, something I’m really looking forward to. I love that the camera is able to detect where your eye is, as it switches to the view finder automatically when you put your eye up to it. The accompanying app was very easy to install and use, and I absolutely love the vintage look. Finally, I’m very impressed with the seller, as they reached out to me immediately after placing my order and made it clear that, should I have any questions, they would be more than happy to help. Overall, very pleased!

Incredible features and Image Quality – You are going to be SO HAPPY with this!

6 helpful votes
 on July 25, 2016
By P. Tuggle
This is a FANTASTIC, superior camera! The only thing I wish it had would be the weather sealing and super rez mode of the M5 Mark II. This is the best money I have ever spent on an interchanble lens camera, and it does things that are straight out of the Twilight Zone. In fact, I am sure an advanced race of space aliens were assisting with the design. I am a professional photographer and am SO impressed with this; I use it much more now than my Nikon D750. The LIVE modes and 5-axis stabilization is nothing short of awe inspiring. For glowing details and reviews, check online. Again, the IQ is wonderful as long as you use good lenses, of course.

small and easy to tote

10 helpful votes
 on December 12, 2016
By Frank Cosmano
I bought the Olympus OMD EM10 Mark ii. I already have the OMD EM10 and it has been my go too camera for most of my shooting because it is light, small and easy to tote. When the EM10 mark ii came out I spent a lot of time trying to decide if the added features were worth the upgrade/additional camera body. I finally decided they were. The move to 5 axes IS, the removal of the low pass filter (adding image sharpness), the ability to shoot and compile time lapse movies in camera, having the on/off on the top of camera, the Increase in burst speed and processing, and maybe my favorite was the addition of silent mode (electronic shutter). The new and improved size and image quality of the EVF is pretty nice too. Although I am basically a still photographer, I do some video occasionally, the improvements in video are appreciated. I also like having three function buttons instead of two better. The third function button comes with Live Guide pre-assigned which I most likely won’t use so I easily re-assigned that function to MF and really like that. I use F1 for peaking and F2 at multifunction. So far so good. I do shoot all my images RAW only and prefer to add effects in post process. Olympus viewer 3 software handles that nicely. So I am a happy camper with my new GO TOO camera. My results so far are spectacular. Also, I really am not a fan of changing lenses in the field. So now I am still packing light carrying both the EM10 and the Mark ii fitted with different lenses. So for me it’s a win, win scenario.
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