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The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II is a surprisingly sophisticated camera that's a joy to use. Whether you're a novice just snapping shots of your everyday life or a photo enthusiast looking to maximize your creativity, the E-M10 Mark II delivers with a compact profile, intuitively placed controls, and an advanced 5-axis image stabilization system that ensures perfection with every shot!

Technical Details

  • JPEG
  • RAW

Customer Reviews

Another great Olympus OM-D camera

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 on December 15, 2015
By Moreno Tagliapietra
Hello fellow photographers, in the last 50 years I have photographed a bunch of different subjects in all kind of light conditions with all kind of gear. Today, I sell my large format art prints as a part-part-time pro. My formal education and career are in military electronics. All together, I am quite picky about equipment and my main interest is always about what it can do for me (in exchange for my hard-earned money). For years, I have been photographing with Pentax K cameras (K5 presently) and their pro lenses. Last year, I bought a couple of EM10’s to shoot snow and ice in very cold weather with the most portable, high quality gear I could find. The cameras fit nicely in my Parka pockets with minuscule, slower but good quality Panasonic zoom lenses on them. Last Winter we did get that kind of weather in Lower NYS and I fell in love with the EM10’s to the point of adding an EM5II (mostly because I wanted a weatherized body) and, more recently, upgrading one of the EM10’s to an EM10II (EVF and stabilization being the main reasons).

First impressions from a DSLR user

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 on January 21, 2016
By Jeff
There are plenty of detailed reviews out there that will give you a technical rundown on this camera’s capabilities. This isn’t one of them.

Powerful Features in a Compact Body

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 on February 17, 2016
By Jeffrey67
I have been a long time Olympus user, and was disappointed to see the clear shift the company made away from DSLRs to the newer micro 4/3 mirrorless technology. I own the E-600 DSLR and it introduced features back in 2009 that larger name brand DSLRs still dont have today. Olympus has always been on the cutting edge of technology to me, and the new OM-D E-M10 Mark II follows that tradition.

Is the Limited Edition silver/brown version worth the extra cost? Plus my review of the camera.

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 on March 7, 2016
By Ron Cronovich
First, some thoughts on the Limited Edition (LE) brown/silver version to help you decide whether it’s worth the extra cost.

Great performance. Great complementary camera to a DSLR.

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 on July 13, 2016
By Rakesh Koul
I bought this camera in Jun 2016 a day before my trip to India & Japan. Because of my trip logistics, I didn’t want to take my DSLR (Canon 70D) + lenses with me. I wanted a camera that is lightweight (mirror-less) with APS or micro-four third sensor, has good high speed performance, can shoot raw, comes with advanced features like exposure bracketing, etc, and along with lenses, fits in my laptop bag. The other camera I considered was Sony A6000 APS, but I missed the deal price on that; so I got this Olympus camera instead just for the trip. My package: E-M10 Mark II + 14-42mm + 40-150mm Lens, bought from Amazon. In my mind I am comparing it Vs. my Canon 70-D DSLR though it may be an apples Vs. oranges comparison, for some of you.

Excellent for general shooting, portraits, astrophotography, and macro photography

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 on May 23, 2016
By Eli Briscoe
I’m an aspiring amateur photographer, and I did a lot of research to find the right camera to meet my needs. Please view the attached sample images (don’t judge too harshly, I’m not a photographer).

Very enjoyable light camera with great tactile experience

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 on February 8, 2016
By Maarten Hofman
This is my sixth camera with replaceable lenses and I like using it a lot. Before this I used the 

Fantastic camera, I took it to the Grand Canyon …

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 on December 10, 2015
By jb
Fantastic camera, I took it to the Grand Canyon and back and loved it. Battery life is amazing, shots are amazing and the smartphone integration is super great for geotagging. I upgraded from an E-PL5 and I’ve been super happy with the additional functionality I’ve gained.

Lightweight and all you need

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 on February 20, 2016
By Robert F. Chirlin
It’s great to have a camera with all the capabilities of a heavy DSLR and none of the weight. I have been using a Canon 7d and 60d with assorted lenses and admittedly leaving either lenses or entire cameras behind when I know the weight would be bothersome. This despite having an excellent camera backpack and using Spyder holster to carry the camera. With the E-M10 I carry it and all the lenses in peak design shoulder bag with no stress and I have them everywhere. I can throw the camera in my p[pocket with one of the smaller (like the 17mm pancake lens) lenses attached. And the quality of the photos stands up to 16×20 prints. The lenses and the sensor are the same as the E-M5 and E-M1 so unless you have a need for some of the software differences or the weather proofing there is little reason to spend more. I’ll be putting my dslr on eBay and using the money to buy lenses for this system. Mirrorless cameras will be the next step in photography.