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Past, present and future-at your fingertips. the Best interface for a great smart watch is time. Pebble time’s new timeline interface respects that busy people want to get. Things. Done. Pebble time lets you act now, reflect on the past, and look into the future. With a new color e-paper screen and a thin, comfortable ergonomic design, the pebble time smart watch is the companion you’ll want with you every moment, every day. includes: ● USB charging cable ● 22mm silicone strap.


The Time of Your Life.

Past, Present and Future–At Your Fingertips

The best interface for a great smartwatch is time. Pebble Time’s new timeline interface respects that busy people want to Get. Things. Done. Pebble Time lets you act now, reflect on the past, and look into the future. With a new color e-paper screen and a thin, comfortable ergonomic design, the Pebble Time smartwatch is the companion you’ll want with you every moment, every day.

  • Always on, color e-paper display with LED backlight.
  • Battery life up to 7 days
  • Water resistant to 30 meters.
  • Built-in microphone for voice notes and quick replies.
  • 9.5mm thin chassis with curved, ergonomic profile.
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel bezel with PVD coating, matte and polished finishes.
  • Tough, 2.5D glass display
  • Tactile buttons for easy, eyes-free control.
  • Magnetic charging with cable that works in any USB port.
  • Vibrating motor for discreet alerts and alarms (wake yourself, not your loved ones).
  • Includes 22mm Silicone Strap and USB Charging Cable.

At Its Heart, A Great Watch

With an always-on color E-Paper display, water resistance up to 30 meters, durable glass lens, and thin, curved ergonomic design, you’ll love wearing Pebble Time anywhere and everywhere. From the gym to the dinner table, from morning sun to the wee hours, Time keeps you connected while living in the moment.

Time Marches On

With battery life up to 7 days, Time is always ready and waiting. Whether you’re into sleep tracking or trail trekking, live life unplugged without stressing about the next charge.

Past, Present and Future–At Your Fingertips

Pebble’s new timeline interface turns moments you care about—notifications, calendar events, weather, sports scores, breaking news, missed calls, app alerts—into pins that let you see what’s ahead or catch up on what’s already happened. Timeline gives you the info you need, when you want it–so you can live “now” to the fullest.

Plays Well With Everyone

Pebble Time works with both Android and iPhone smartphones. Whichever your device preference–we’ve got you covered.

Make It Your Own

With 8000+ apps on the Pebble appstore from brands like Uber, Jawbone, Misfit, and ESPN, plus thousands of independent apps, hundreds of watch faces, swappable covers, and watch bands, tailoring Pebble Time to your life and style is a breeze.

Water Resistant up to 30 Meters

Jump in the pool, grab a shower, or run in the rain–the Pebble Time smartwatch always has time for that.

Fitness & Sleep Tracking

Run, walk, bike, swim, or sleep. .. track it all, 24/7, with the Pebble Time smartwatch & activity tracking apps from Jawbone, Fitocracy, Runkeeper, and Misfit.

The Music of Your Life

Control the music in your life–at home, in the shower, or cruising down the road. All Pebble smartwatches work with any Bluetooth-enabled sound source–plus Pandora or Spotify–letting you control the tempo.

Customer Reviews

If you don’t need to make calls on your watch, this is the one. Best all-around

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 on May 29, 2016
By Chris Upton
I’ve owned so many watches and smart bands/fitness bands, I can definitely give a detailed idea of what makes the Pebble watches shine vs the competition. Let me get this out of the way…if battery life is important and you don’t want to be charging every day or two, this is your watch. Other watches have good battery life (like the Martian Notifier I owned), but they don’t have near the functions/features/capabilities of this watch. This is such a joy to own because it “just works” and you aren’t always charging it. I’ve never had a notification from email/text/phone call not come through in the few weeks that I’ve owned it. I love Android phones and I’ve played with Android Wear watches, but I’m astonished at how well the Pebble OS just does everything I need it without feeling like a smart phone on my arm. Other people have said it, but this watch truly is an extension of your phone.

Replaced My Moto 360 **UPDATE** MARCH 25TH, 2016 W/ PHOTOS

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 on August 6, 2015
The Pebble Time improves on everything that bothered me about my Moto 360 while retaining similar functionality. It doesn’t feel cumbersome on the wrist, the battery life is best in class and it does everything a smartwatch should do really, really, well.

Better than Fitbit Charge

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 on October 6, 2016
Love it!!! I had Fitbit charge HR for 2 years. Fitbit is not waterproof but splash proof only. One time I forgot to take if off when I hand washed my clothes, and it had problem. Friend recommended Pebble Time to me and I tried and love it. It doesn’t have the heart monitor function, but for the last two years, how many time did I check on my heartbeat? Maybe less than 10 times.

The perfect smart watch?! I think so!

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 on September 25, 2016
By Trail Junkie
I had an original pebble but issues with the e-ink display caused me to return it. When i saw the improvements and the color e-ink display I really wanted to give them a second chance and when they went on sale I couldn’t pass up the price. This watch is solid, waterproof, and has made my life more convenient. The battery lasts for 5 or 6 days which is a big reason why I wanted this over the apple watch or an android wear. I have a very busy semester ahead and this has helped to keep me on track with reminders and notifications. I really like that the number of times I pull my phone out of my pocket each day has been reduced significantly. I can see my upcoming meeting/classes, see texts and respond to them, and can set reminders for homework. I don’t know how accurate it is but the sleep tracker and step counters have made me more aware of my sedentary lifestyle habits I now find myself walking more to keep my numbers up. The one con is that the Watch face and app selection is limited unless you want to buy them. I have 3 or 4 I switch back and forth between that I like. One thing that I love is google maps pushes the directions to the watch when i’m on my bike. Overall I’m very happy with this watch and highly recommend it.

happy with my new toy

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 on May 24, 2016
By ea
Easy to use: I’m not a very gadgety or techy person and i am really enjoying this watch so far. First, it’s lighter than i expected which is good since i wasn’t used to wearing a watch. second, it takes almost no setup with my phone and suddenly i’m getting texts, notifications, etc on my watch. i guess i was expecting it to be less user friendly.

I love this Smartwatch

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 on June 20, 2016
By Poncho
I love this Smartwatch! I had been salivating over the Apple Watch but feel so much better about this purchase in terms of price and what I want my watch to do.

A Wonderful, Functional Smart Watch

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 on June 7, 2016
By A. Richardson
I purchased this watch primarily to use as a display device for my Dexcom G5 (a continuous glucose monitor). It works great for that purpose but I also got a great, functional smart watch and fitness tracker. This is NOT an Apple watch. I looked at those and while they are beautiful, they are expensive and not that durable. I wanted a watch that really functioned as watch, something that was always on, had solid battery life, and could withstand daily punishment from me.
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