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  • Cocoon Complete Home Security Device
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Say hello to Cocoon, the simplest way to protect your whole home. Everything Cocoon needs to protect your home is built into a single device, keeping you feeling safe without any additional sensors. Cocoon combines HD Camera, Motion Detection & SUBSOUND Technology to sense activity throughout your home, even across multiple floors. It quickly learns to avoid false alarms and is all controlled through your smartphone, so you can check what’s happening at home and take action from anywhere.


Cocoon Whole home protection

One Cocoon can protect a whole home. Unique SUBSOUND technology senses activity in other rooms and on other floors without the need for any additional sensors.

Cocoon is Always connected

Cocoon learns about your home, avoiding false alarms so you can trust it to know when to alert you. With Cocoon, you can check in on your home at any time.

Cocoon is Complete

Each Cocoon contains everything needed to keep your home and loved ones safe. HD Camera, Night Vision, Powerful Microphone, and Siren.

Cocoon is Effortless

There’s no need to set it as you come and go, Cocoon uses smartphone location to know who’s at home. No extra sensors. No installation.

Cocoon means Security

Cocoon learns your schedule to activate protection whilst you sleep and with night-vision you can rest easy knowing that it was just a ‘bump’ in the night.

Customer Reviews

This little contraption is more than just an amazing security device

8 people found this helpful.
 on January 20, 2017
By Chloe lkh
First Canadian to of imported one I believe & hope. For the record I was not paid to write this.

I love this is exactly what I was looking for

3 people found this helpful.
 on March 19, 2017
By S. Beaty
I kept looking at the classic kinds of security systems. I didn’t buy any of them. I kept looking and reading. I found Cocoon, and WOW it was just what I wanted. So,small and it does it ALL. I feel this is our answer. So easy to set it up, and so far it does everything I expected it to do. Give it a test drive. I am over 70 and it was totally easy to start up

Easy to setup and works great so far.

5 people found this helpful.
 on November 3, 2016
By Andreas P.
I was part of the initial indiegogo campaign and received Cocoon a couple of weeks ago. The setup process was really easy. I am using the iOS app and so far everything has been working great so far. Cocoon recognized our friends “breaking” into our apartment using our keys for dog sitting and also our iRoomba doing it’s scheduled runs when we weren’t home. You get an alert on your iPhone and can then watch the recorded video sequence of the incident that was automatically recognized by Cocoon.

Easy, smooth and slick.

4 people found this helpful.
 on October 17, 2016
By MoSh
Love Cocoon. Love how simple, yet effective it is. When I leave home, it arms and it alerts if it hears anything such as a bump, a knock on the door or even if I’ve left the kettle on by mistake. When I come home, all I have to do is nothing. It disarms based on the location of my phone, so no more running into the type a code or manual disarming. It’s smooth, slick and it really sits well with everything in my apartment.

Easy to set-up (plug in and download app)

6 people found this helpful.
 on October 5, 2016
By Magdalena D.
Living in East London, security has always been a day to day concern, but the home security market is quite an intimidating one to step into. My partner and I are quite early on in our careers and the prospect of signing up to high-cost monthly payments with a security company was outside of our comfort zone. A friend told us about Cocoon and we haven’t looked back! I’m not the most tech savvy but I am attached to my iPhone. Having visibility of what’s happening in my flat no matter where I am is so assuring! Easy to set-up (plug in and download app), and easy to use! Highly recommend it for busy homeowners who don’t want the hassle of traditional security services.

Really simple and easy to use

4 people found this helpful.
 on September 30, 2016
By W. Newton
It’s a really neat device that tells me what’s happening in my house when I’m out. So far it’s working really well, setup was simple and painless and the Android app is easy to use. I had some problems with battery usage on my wife’s iOS 8 phone but upgrading the phone to iOS 9 fixed those.
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