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New! Thync: Wearable Technology That Changes How You Feel

Thync Calm and Energy Wearable, Limited Edition

  • Thync wearable technology that changes the way you feel – BEST TECH #28
  • Thync – In the news!
  • The future of getting high? Mood-altering wearable technology | Features
  • Thync – A Wearable Device That Alters Your Mood
  • Change your mood with the click of a button
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  • This Wearable Gives You a Low-Voltage Pick-Me-Up
  • I Didn’t Get High on Thync
  • Can Thync reprogram your brain?
  • UNBOXING THYNC (Changes your mood!?!?)
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Thync is the first technology that gives you the power to change the way you feel. Thync uses Neurosignaling waveforms to deliver Calm or Energy on demand. We call these waveforms Vibes. Vibes help you de-stress, overcome anxious moments or invigorate yourself for peak performance. Take the edge off, beat stress, sleep better, get motivated, boost your workout, or kick start your day. Wear Thync for a few minutes, feel the effects for hours.


How do Vibes feel?

It’s similar to the relaxing sensation of a massage or the invigoration of splashing cold water on your face – only more focused. How does it feel to relax and get a good night’s sleep? What is it like to feel motivated and hit the gym? Calm Vibe users feel physically relaxed, more centered, detached from stressful thoughts, and in some cases, a mild euphoria. Energy Vibe users feel mental alertness, focused, a burst of physical energy, excited, and motivated.

How it Works

Thync waveforms activate specific nerves on the head that signal the brain to shift to a state of calm or give you a boost of energy in minutes. We call these waveforms Vibes. Vibes were created from years of research, development and testing by Thync neuroscientists and engineers . Vibes are easily selected and controlled using the Thync App on a compatible iOS 8 device, iPhone/iPod (Android App coming soon). Thync science is proven. The system is simple and safe. Thync is a lifestyle product and has been exempted by the FDA.


Thync Calm Vibes help you settle down and overcome anxious moments, on-demand. Take the edge off. Beat stress. Unwind after a long day. Relax before bed.


In just minutes, Thync Energy Vibes invigorate you for peak performance. Get motivated. Power through. Boost your workout. Kickstart your day.

Better Sleep

Feel rested, restored and ready. Thync helps you have a better night’s sleep without the hangover effects of pills or alcohol, so you wake refreshed.

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Customer Reviews

Energize does a fantastic job! Like instant clarity of thought even in …

5 people found this helpful.
 on October 11, 2015
By Amazon Customer
Energize does a fantastic job! Like instant clarity of thought even in the midst of a hangover, with an added slight energy boost. Calm has given a mild change, but I suffer anxiety and I think it has a hard time breaking through that. Although I should say I absolutely still enjoy the effect. Had a super stressed out buddy (and fellow skeptic) use it when he was antsy and pacing. Had him chill in 15 minutes, he loved it. This device has great potential if it works on you. Not a toy or gimmick, it works people. Skip the latte, have a zap.

Five Stars

 on March 2, 2016
By PhillyBass
It works for me!
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