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VirZOOM, maker of VirZOOM Arcade virtual reality games and VirZOOM VR platform, today announced the world’s first U.S. national vSports competition from March 17 to March 19.

vSports is real, physical competition in online multiplayer virtual reality on VirZOOM.

The public can compete at vSports venues around North America in VirZOOM vSports competitions.

The vSports competition is sponsored by HTC Vive, AMD and Fitbit.

Participants pedal their way through VirZOOM online multiplayer games to top the leaderboards at the end of the weekend. The vSports competition game played will be VirZOOM’s Tank: Winterstan, the most popular game among the suite of VirZOOM Arcade games.

Event participation is free at vSports venues. Players can earn prizes for high scores, including an HTC Vive headset, AMD VR Ready PC and Fitbit Charge 2 device and other prizes!

For more information on participating locations at:

More information on VirZOOM: VirZOOM Arcade is an ever-expanding collection of “vSport” (Virtual Sport) games designed by award winning game development veterans that combine strategy, coordination, and fitness. Play online live with drop-in multiplayer or in ghost challenges against friends!

VirZOOM Arcade is free to download on PlayStation Network and Steam for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive use. Pedaling and leaning propel you through race tracks, battle grounds, soaring skies, and country sides with the VirZOOM Bike Controller, available via leading retailers for $399.95.

Play VR and Get Fit with VirZOOM.

About VirZOOM
Co-founded by CEO Eric Janszen and CTO Eric Malafeew in February 2015 and headquartered in Cambridge, MA. VirZOOM is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR headsets (headset sold separately). It is currently available for order for $399.95 per system on and other leading retailers.


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