Best Drones for the Pros

Best Drones for Pros

Cameras and Gimbals

The best drones for professionals include cameras can take stunning photos and 1080p video or better. If a camera is not included, an external action camera can be mounted with a high-quality stabilizing gimbal for the smoothest picture quality possible. Many hexa-rotors and octo-rotors can carry payloads of up to 25lbs to accommodate DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Manual Flight Mode

Manual flying means piloting your drone without the assistance of automatic flight modes. Joysticks on handheld remote controllers are used to control the flight path, speed and altitude of the drone. Consider using a second remote control and fly with a dedicated camera operator. One person pilots the flight path while the other aims the gimbal and camera capturing shots that are more complex and artistic. Manual mode is only recommended for experienced pilots in predictable, familiar environments.


Essential accessories include extra batteries, Micro SD Cards, propellers, and prop guards. Filters provide additional control for the amount of light let through the lens when shooting in sunny conditions or to achieve effects like motion blur and shallow depth of field. Use a controller monitor hood to shade your mobile device from direct sunlight giving you a perfect view of your display when shooting outside. Protect your drone system and accessories with a durable and water-resistant carrying case.

FLY RESPONSIBLY – Know the rules before you take off.

Many countries, including the United States, regulate the use of unmanned aircraft. Before flying, make sure to understand the rules that apply to you.

Learn more about flying responsibly


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