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Featured Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

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VR Headset Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones |...
  • ✅BONUS: REMOTE CONTROL FOR ANDROID PHONES – Atlasonix virtual VR glasses work with smartphones and mobile devices with 4”- 6.3” screens to bring you a totally immersive visual experience. Boasting HD optimization and 3D gaming support, you’ll put yourself right into the action with games, movies and more!
  • ✅IMPROVED VISUAL EXPERIENCE – Gaming and watching movies in 3D works best when proper your eyes properly align with the screen. That’s why our 3D headset offers FD and OD adjustments to expand the viewing angle and perfectly match focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment for reduced distortion.
  • ✅COMFORTABLE, EXTENDED WEAR DESIGN – Once you start gaming and watching 3D movies with Atlasonix, you’re never going to want to take it off. That’s why we offer a comfort-fit experience with a fully adjustable head strap, eyesight protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure.
Virtual Reality Headset, OPTOSLON 3D VR Glasses for...
  • ✔ PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS –VR headset are the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays, allowing you to experience all kinds of scenes without leaving the convenience of your own home.
  • ✔ VIRWING WITH FRIENDS ANYTIME -Ready when you are, watch with friends. Meet up in VR with friends and fans from around the world to catch live sports, concerts, or just your favorite TV show.
  • ✔ MOBILE PHONE DEVICE COMPATIBLE WITH 4.7 -6.3in SMARTPHONES -IPhone X, XR, XS, 8, 8 plus, 9, 9 plus, 10, 7, 7 plus, 6, 6s, 6s plus, 6 plus, 6, 5, 5 plus, 5c, 5s, SE, etc. Note 7, note 8, note 9, s5, s6, s7, s8, s8 plus, s9, s9 plus, s10, s10 plus, one plus, Box VR etc.
Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 32GB
  • Personal Viewing: The littlest, big screen. Crystal clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics make your headset feel more like a personal theater
  • Viewing with Friends: Watch with friends. Meet up in VR with friends and fans from around the world to catch live sports, concerts, or just your favorite TV show
  • Portable & Easy to Use: Ready when you are. Experience portable, all-in-one VR. That means no PC, phone, wires or hassles

Best VR Headset Today

Here is a list of the best VR headset bestsellers as of today.

Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality...
  • Next-level Hardware - Make every move count with a blazing-fast processor and our highest-resolution display
  • All-In-One Gaming - With backward compatibility, you can explore new titles and old favorites in the expansive Quest content library
  • Immersive Entertainment - Get the best seat in the house to live concerts, groundbreaking films, exclusive events and more
VR Headset for iPhone and Android with remote...
  • 【BONUS: REMOTE CONTROL FOR ANDROID AND IOS】–Our virtual reality headset works with smartphones and mobile devices with 4.7”- 6.53” screens, which can bring you a totally immersive visual experience. With HD optimization and 3D gaming support, you’ ll put yourself right into the action with games, movies and more!
  • 【ANTI-BLUE LIGHT HIGH-DEFINITION LENSES】- We always put customer experience in the first place, we insist on virtual reality goggles with 94% lens transmittance, and the usage of anti-blue light coating lenses, to prevent eye fatigue when you use the virtual reality glasses. Moreover, this VR gaming headset use aspheric surface and anti - distortion lens surface to obtain a clear high-definition image.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS & ADULTS】 –Our 3d virtual reality headset is a perfect present for father's day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale. Our virtual reality headset for kids which offers excellent depth and perception, creating a truly mesmerizing and immersive VR experience. Get the VR content ready and simply put the smartphone into the 3d headset Headset, enjoy the adventure you've always dreamed of!
DESTEK 2021 V5 VR Headset, 110°FOV Anti-Blue Light Eye...
  • √ Just get the VR content ready and simply put the smartphone into the VR goggles, enjoy the adventures you've only dreamt of. Snuggle up on your favourite couch, following the track of the seagulls the endless sea, find the sweet spot of the wave and ride it in on a boogie board.... We expanded the FOV (Field of view) to 110 degrees, the vast universe is at your feet on your private giant theater.
  • √ Anti-blue Light Eye Protected HD Lenses: We always put our customers' experience on top priority, and like V4, we insist V5 headset adopt 94% lens light transmittance and use anti-reflective and anti-blue light coating lens to prevent eyestrain when using the headset. Also sharp HD images are achieved by the aspheric and anti-distortion lens surface. We recommend that you take a break every half hour while playing VR to maximize your eye protection.
  • √ Bluetooth Controller and Trigger Button for better VR interaction: The Touch button enables you to interact with more exciting VR games. The Bluetooth Remote Controller accompanies you to avoid all the enemies and destroy them. Check the product page to get our picks for more recommended VR apps. *Note: Bluetooth remote controller does not support daydream apps.
VR Headset Compatible with Nintendo Switch, OIVO 3D VR...
  • Upgraded Version: Special virtual reality vr glasses for Nintendo switch, would be a big surprise as gift for your friends and family or yourself, this is the upgraded version.(More suitable experience and people with prescription glasses can wear this VR too.).NOTE: Please take out the Joy-Con would be light weight to use, 15~36mm, may not fit for huge nose.
  • Say Goodbye To Carboard Materials: Made of EVA and Oxford materials, super light weight and durable, no worry that your VR glass get mildew in wet weather, includes adjustable headstrap and more thick materials to touch your face, no need to grip the switch console near your head.
  • Watch and Play in VR: HD optimization takes you special experience to watch Youtube and play Super Smash Bros. & Zelda & Super Mario Odyssey etc. (VR games may be updated in succession), Full range with the joysticks and the buttons are covered fully, easy to use when playing action games (I.e. smash bros.)
Flagship Oculus Quest 2 All-in-One Virtual Reality 64GB...
  • 👍🏻【Advanced Processing Power】 The Next-Level Hard, New Blazing-Fast Proceseeor-Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Platform with 6GB RAM ensure a smooth perfomance
  • 👍🏻【50% More Pixles For Seamless Graphics】Enjoy the incredible resolution of 1832x1920px per eye. With enhanced clarity you can stay focused whether you’re on the move or standing still (Compared to Oculus Quest)
  • 👍🏻【Redesigned Controllers】Take VR into your own hands with the redesigned Oculus Touch controllers, complete with state-of-the-art hand tracking, Transpors your movements directly in to VR with intuitive controls
VR Headset with Headphones, GUBENCI Virtual Reality...
  • 360° IMMERSIVE SHOCKING EXPERIENCE: Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way. Just snap your phone into 3D VR Headset and you're in virtual reality. Whether you want to play a game, take a virtual vacation, or watch a movie, the possibilities with GUBENCI VR are limitless, VR Headset for Phones allows you to interact with the virtual world easily. HD Anti-Blue Light Lense & 120° Large Field of View(FOV), bring you an 360° immersive Shocking experience.
  • COMFORTABLE & HUMANIZED DESIGN: Considering the fatigue that may be caused by wearing Virtual Reality Glasses for a long time, we uses a lot of new designs in VR Headset. The ultra-light material reduces the weight of VR Headset for Android. The leather PU mask is soft and breathable. The retractable earphone design and independent lens adjustment meet the needs of different people. VR Headset for iphone is convenient and worry-free to answer calls with one button.
  • HIFI STEREO HEADPHONES: GUBENCI Virtual Reality Headset is equipped with HIFI stereo headphones and has 3D phase sound technology, brings you a three-dimensional immersive listening experience, good sound insulation and tough bass allows you to distinguish the position according to the sound, VR Headset with Headphones give you an immersive real experience when you play games and watch movies(Only supported devices with 3.5 mm jacks).
VR Headset, Pecosso 3D Virtual Reality Glasses...
  • Newest 3D VR Technology : Pecosso 3D VR Headset is the highest quality product. The new structure will show immersive 3D virtual reality vision. The VR headset is of high quality and reasonable design. The new structure will show the immersive 3D virtual reality visual effect.
  • HD Visual Experience: Pecosso 3D Virtual Reality Headset has a smoother and purer high-definition resin aspheric lens. It can completely eliminate dizziness and provide you with high-resolution imaging and color vision events. By adjusting the button on the top of the 3D VR glasses, you can simply adjust the position of the spherical resin lens to get a better movie viewing experience in a few seconds. So better and faster !
  • Compatible with Phones(4.7-6.53inch): iPhone 11 11 PRO SE XR XS Max XS XR X 8 8 plus 7S 7 plus 6s 6 plus 5c 5s; Samsung Note 10/9/8/6/5/4/3/2, S20 S10 S10+ S9 S9+ S8 Plus S8 S7 Edge/Galaxy S6 S5 S4 J8 J7 J6 J3 J2 A70 A50; LG V30 V20 V5 G6 ZONE 4 V30+ ARISTO MOTO Z2 E4 G5 HUAWEI P40 P30 Nexus 6P 6 5X Nokia 6 8 2 3310 HTC 10 U11 626S M9 530, etc

CANBOR VR Headset Review

Canbor VR Headset has three big distinctions:

Canbor VR Headset Featuresir?source=bk&t=leaderpower 20&bm id=default&l=kia&linkId=93387078dc6af866a3b193109194baef& cb=1481936417630

  1. Private customized IMAX luxury giant screen theater,1600 inches virtual larger screen, incredible effect can watch for 3D movies, full views, gaming experience at any time.
  2. Immersive 3D Videos/Games/Movies experience, super 3D telepresence, action, shooting, RPG roaming, freely play various games.
  3. 3D panoramic roaming, 360 degree unobstructed, immersive VIP stereo viewing angle through time and space

Canbor VR Distinctive Technology:

Canbor VR Headset Technologyir?source=bk&t=leaderpower 20&bm id=default&l=kia&linkId=1e09a60799301f4859f3d77d6d556902& cb=1481936603868

Canbor VR Glasses with Optical lens Tech, Nanometer process lens use aspheric lens with high precision, more immersion and high clarity can well protect eyes. HD anti-blue ray tempered glass membrane to resist blue light, will protect eyesight, more comfortable VR glasses, more healthy.

Excellent Virtual Reality Glasses, lighter weight, PD/FD adjustment, Ergonomic Head belt Design, adjustable strap, full views, environmental protect material, thermal design.


Canbor VR Headset  technical specs

Canbor VR Headset Cmpatible with iPhone Androidir?source=bk&t=leaderpower 20&bm id=default&l=kia&linkId=fc0db43aced42b6db87d160748602293& cb=1481936737470Canbor VR 3D Virtual Reality Headset can support most 4.0 inch – 6.0 inch Android cellphones iPhone (6S, 6 plus, 5S, 5), Samsung Galaxy Note series etc, immersive experience for any age.

You just need to upload 3D videos sources for massive Content 3D movies, animation, panorama concert,VR games, small movies etc. Universal fit. Adjustable pupil distance (PD) and focal distance (FD) bring you best experience, the FD length can be up to 20MM

Special Design:

Canbor 3D VR Headset Ergonomic head belt design, top quality Eco-friendly leather.Super foam protector with soft leather outsourcing.Three adjustable straps can reduce part pressure from bridge of nose, offer more comfortable wearing experience. Absorption front cover makes more thermolysis, greatly enhance the heat dissipation effect for long use.

Canbor VR Remote Controller

Super wireless bluetooth V3.0 remote controller, perfectly control your smartphone in the VR headset. More convenient, portable and fast. You can freely control your phone’s volume, forward or backward etc. Compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones with bluetooth function.


An Affordable Best VR Headset

The Canbor VR headset is on of the affordable VR headsets available. You do not have to spend a fortune in order to try this new VR technology.

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