Cool Gadgets and Gear at CES 2016


Here are some really cool gadgets and technology from CES 2016. The winners are …

Best Drone: Parrot Disco Drone – It can fly up to 45 minutes and reach speeds of just under 50 mph. The 1080p 14-megapixel camera at the front of the drone is the same one that Parrot used for its Bebop 2 quadcopter.

Best Robot: Cutthroat Robotics ZoZbot

Best 3D Printer: da Vinci Mini

Best Virtual Reality: HTC Vive Pre

Best Augmented Reality: Garmin’s Varia Vision is an augmented reality display that you mount to your sunglasses.

Best Smart Helmet: The Daqri smart helmet is an industrial device that projects important information in front of the eyes of the wearer.

Best Hoverboard: Lexus Hoverboard. It uses “magnetic levitation” and “liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets” to achieve hover flight.

Best DSLR Camera: Nikon D5

Best TV: LG Signature G6 OLED TV. See video.

Best Smartphone: Huawei Honor 5X

Best Audio Device: Sennheiser 3D Audio

Best Fitness Device: Mettis Trainer

Best PC: Cyberpower Pro Streamer

Best Smart Refrigerator: Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Best Coffee Machine: Bonaverde End-to-End Coffee.

Best Car Tech: FaradayFuture FF Zero 1 Concept Car

Best Gaming Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 700 Mouse

Best Router: Portal Router

Best Life-size drone: EHang 184 is a human-sized drone built by the Chinese UAV company EHang. It is an autonomous drone that will be able to carry a single passenger for 23 minutes at a speed of 60 MPH.


Photo by Tech.Co (formerly Tech Cocktail)

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