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The Schwinn Classic Cruiser - A Retro-Inspired Bike with Modern Technology

The Schwinn Classic Cruiser – A Retro Bike with Modern Technology

The Schwinn Classic Cruiser bike is compatible with popular apps like Zwift™ and RideSocial™, so users can enjoy feelings of freedom as they pedal through scenic locations like the sun-drenched beaches of Venice or the lush Irish countryside with other cyclists from around the globe in a mixed-reality virtual world.
New fitness and health devices using Movesense to be featured at CES 2018

New Fitness, Sports, and Health Devices using Movesense 2018

One year after introducing Movesense beta at CES, close to 400 developers around the world have access to Suunto’s all-in-one motion sensor, including four companies that will...
Tanita BC-558 Ironman Segmental Body Composition Monitor - best body fat scale 2018

Tanita Body Composition Scale and 3D Element App as Unveiled at...

Tanita body composition scale and smartphone app describes body composition in 3D graphics, making it easy for users to monitor and better manage their well-being.
Flexispot Exercise Desk Bike review

Flexispot Exercise Desk Bike

Flexispot Exercise Desk Bike is a true, state-of- the-art, fitness product. If you don’t get enough exercise, this is what you have been looking for.