Best Action Camera – GoPro Hero5 Session Review

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

GoPro Hero5 Session Action Camera7

If you are planning for a thrilling vacation and wish to record every moment of it, opt for GoPro Hero5 Session. It is a great action camera that records all your videos in stunning 4K quality.

Outdoor adventurers are already flooding this GoPro Hero5 action camera with compliments. Since, according to them, it isn’t just the amazing quality that impresses you; the one button simplicity of this model is also exceptional.

It is a balance of performance and convenience.

GoPro Hero5 Session – Key Features

We perceive there are many other options. But the versatility in GoPro Hero key features makes it red-hot in the market.

Don’t believe that? Well, keep on reading…

gopro Hero5-session

  • Stunning 4K Video… The 4K stunning video quality is more than enough to capture thrilling and mesmerizing moments. Plus, there is 2-inch touch display. You can immediately check the quality of the video and change the setting according to your requirements. Furthermore, the camera also takes 10 MP photos in a time lapse mode.

GoPro Hero5 Session Action Camera

  • Advanced Video Stabilization… Video quality is one thing. If the camera doesn’t have stability in the footage, it can ruin the entire experience. Luckily, manufacturers of GoPro Hero5 pondered this concern quite seriously. Therefore, they’ve offered advanced video stabilization that facilitate in giving rock steady, high quality, pictures & videos.


  • One-Button Control… Some cameras of this caliber have very complex controls. It is utterly tough for a common person to comprehend their specifications and features. However, GoPro Hero5 is a blessing from heaven for all those who want a simple, one-button control system. Once you press it, it turns on to record video automatically.


  • Easy Access & Share… Wish to share your photos/videos with your friends and family members? No problem! This camera’s features allow you to upload photos and videos directly to the cloud for easy viewing. We personally believe this is one of the hottest selling features, as most other action cameras don’t allow this with simple controls.

GoPro Hero5 Session Waterproof

  • Waterproof Body… The durable and rugged design of this camera is waterproof. It is a compelling aspect that influences adventurers to opt for it, as they need something that can facilitate them inside the pool and in rainy conditions. Just bear in mind that the waterproof feature doesn’t work under 10 meter water pressure without housing.


  • Voice Control Command… GoPro Hero5 specifically highlights this feature. The voice control command lets you start video and capturing photos. Though, make sure it is enabled and the option ‘wake on voice’ is turned on as well. Apart from this, it can perform many other operations too, like changing modes between photo & video.

GoPro Hero5 Session Holiday Bundle

For a limited time you can get the GoPro Hero5 Session Holiday bundle for only $206.90 at Amazon. In this holiday bundle, you also get a ‘Head Strap’ and ‘Quick Clip’.

The head strap can be easily adjusted to fit your size. You can wear it over the helmet or directly on your head without any hassle.

Furthermore, the GoPro Company is also offering 16GB SanDisk Extreme microSD Card. It moves your data fast with transfer speed up to 45MB/second.

GoPro Hero5 Session


All in all, we have tested each feature of GoPro Hero5 Session. It is a pretty great action camera at quite a decent price!

Photo Credit: GoPro

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