New NVIDIA SHIELD TV Revealed at CES 2017

NVIDIA a new version of the NVIDIA Shield TV — now just called Shield () — which will support 4K HDR for both games and movies making it the world’s first 4K HDR entertainment platform. To support Shield’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), NVIDIA introduced NVIDIA SPOT, a plug-in device that understands natural language and complex patterns to help build a user’s AI experience.

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The Shield TV – World’s Most Advanced Streamer

Stream Smooth: Get the fastest, highest-quality 4K HDR video streaming, including all the essential apps, like Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Hulu, HBO Now, Google Video…the list goes on and on.

A Killer View

Movies, TV shows, and games look unbelievably good with best-in-class 4K HDR or high-definition 1080p. Access thousands of apps, including Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, HULU, HBO, ESPN, VUDU, Showtime, Pandora, Spotify, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Plex, and Kodi, with more joining the lineup all the time.

The World at Your Command

Just say what you want to see and let Google’s revolutionary voice search technology find it within seconds. Get the most comprehensive search results of any streaming device with results from over 100 apps, including Netflix, YouTube, HULU, HBO, VUDU, and more.



NVIDIA SHIELD is a streaming beast. The fastest, smoothest 4K HDR video. Infinite apps and entertainment. NVIDIA-powered gaming in the cloud or from your PC. The power to control every experience with your voice—soon even your home. It’s everything you want in one game-changing device that’s 3X faster than the closest competitor.

Amazing Games, Played Your Way

Expand your entertainment with the highest-quality gaming experience of any streaming media player. Enjoy the smoothest streaming in hundreds of PC-quality games with the next generation of GeForce NOW. Play exclusive Android games or cast your PC game library from your GeForce GTX-powered rig to your living room in up to 4K HDR using NVIDIA GameStream.


NVIDIA GameStream™ technology harnesses the power of GeForce GTX graphics cards to cast your games from your PC to your SHIELD device, for a big-screen living room experience. You’re welcome.

NVIDIA Game Stream

NVIDIA GameStream™ technology brings the highest resolution PC gaming to your NVIDIA SHIELD device. It harnesses the power of GeForce® GTX™ graphics cards to cast your games from your PC to your SHIELD device.


Just say the word, and watch SHIELD bring your home to life. You’re free to stream your favorite music, search across apps, and get information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. But that’s only the beginning. You can also control your lights. Media. Thermostat. Everything to make your home just the way you want it. Coming soon.


Imagine coming home to an oasis where you can control every experience with just the sound of your voice. Too hot? Say the word and your home cools down. Want to put on some music and chill? Tell SHIELD and you’re instantly immersed in your favorite bands. It’s all there at your command. Stay tuned for updates.


Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own Google. The world’s first hands-free streaming device. Just say the magic words “Ok Google” and “Show pictures from our trip to Portland” and view on your TV! The more you use it, the smarter it gets. Available early 2017

Best for Nest

SHIELD works wonders with Nest devices. When you hear a knock on the door, ask the Nest Camera app to view on your TV. Turn up the temperature without ever leaving your couch with Nest thermostat. It will even adapt to your schedule and turn off when you leave, which means smaller energy bills and more money in your pocket.


Communicate with your SHIELD and control your smart home from anywhere. Turn off the lights, change the temperature, set alarms, all with ease. It’s not the future yet… but you can see it from here. Coming Soon.


How to Use Voice Search on NVIDIA SHIELD TV

Find the entertainment you want—fast. Just speak and have Android TV find it. Try “Oscar-winning movies from 2012” or ask “Who played Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games?” and the results appear almost instantly. You can also launch apps on your NVIDIA Shield TV by saying “Launch Netflix” or “Open Pandora” using Google voice commands. Personalized recommendations for YouTube, Hulu, Sling TV, and other apps appear automatically on your home screen. You just need to pick.

Why we like the NVIDIA Shield TV

  • The Shield is capable of handling games as well as it handles. Movies and TV
  • Elegant user interface
  • Looks luxurious, compared to other cheaper boxes
  • User friendly and easy to navigate
  • The remote (included) is lighter and easy to pair with the system. The remote also has an audio port to stream to your headphones
  • Wider range of apps and games than other streamers
  • 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, meaning better contrast and overall image quality

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Source: NVIDIA