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Oculus – The Next Platform


Latest from the Oculus Connect2 event


Here is a synopsis of what Mark Zuckerberg announced at Oculus Connect2:

“We’re holding Oculus’s second annual developer conference in LA today.

We believe virtual reality will be the next major platform. VR is such an immersive experience, and one day it will enable everyone to create, share and experience anything.


We had some great announcements at the conference today:


Gear VR — our mobile VR product with Samsung — will have its first consumer release and be on sale for $99 this holiday season.

Minecraft is coming to Oculus!


Netflix and Twitch are coming to Oculus Video to deliver more video content, as well as all the 360 video content people are sharing on Facebook.

We also introduced Oculus Medium, a 3D sculpting tool for creating art with other people inside VR. Every platform has its Paint app, and this is ours for the virtual world.


The Oculus community is leading us into the future, and we can’t wait for everyone to experience the magic of VR and the next platform.

Source: Facebook

Photo by Sergey Galyonkin

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