Raes: UltraViolet Surface and Air Sterilizing Device

Raes: UltraViolet Surface and Air Sterilizing Device

UltraUVTech (UltraUVTech.com) has developed a fully contained, 360 degree sterilization port that can eliminate up to 99.99 percent of all disease-causing pathogens found on handheld devices or keyboards used in an office setting. Backed by a Kickstarter campaign (Raes UV-C Sterilizer), the Raes device utilizes the natural cleansing and disinfecting properties contained within UV light (UV-C).

The Raes system, developed by CEO Nathan Nguyen and US Navy Veteran William Harris, is a high-tech yet affordable contained system that can safely sterilize phones, laptops, keyboards, tablets and a variety of other shared office tools. The Raes system uses a series of powerful UV-C LED bulbs which are housed within a protective shield as they safely and quickly eliminate nearly all dangerous pathogens. After just 5–30 seconds of light exposure, users can confidently return to their equipment with the knowledge that all working surfaces have been sterilized.

Raes is available as a built-in port station for office equipment, a mobile sleeve for smaller devices and as a contained air filter and sterilization process that successfully cleanses the surrounding, circulating air. Taken as a total system, these Raes devices greatly decrease the chances of spreading communicable diseases like the common cold and flu. Raes eliminates expensive messy chemical clean ups, saves time and guarantees safe, germ-free equipment.

Shared workspaces, hospitals, public schools and public libraries account for an overwhelming majority of communicable diseases spread throughout the world. Sick people who share spaces with others wind up transmitting their illnesses to others, usually through the objects they touch.

“Flu and cold seasons strike each year, affecting workers, school children and the public at large. Shared computers, phones, tablets, doors and chairs, are vectors for disease that inevitably spread these illnesses. Over the years, no solution has adequately addressed this growing health problem, and most solutions involve the use of costly and environmentally dangerous chemicals and cleansing agents. Our Raes technology is poised to become the 21st-century answer to this dilemma,” CEO Nathan Nguyen said.


UltraUVTech is a veteran-owned technology company based in Orange, California. Its state-of-the-art technologies focus on the utilization of the inherent properties of UV light to naturally and safely sanitize both the air and equipment used within shared office workspaces.





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