Revolar Stylish Jewelry for Personal Safety

REVOLAR, the global leader in the personal safety device industry, and New York based brand, CERIMANI, creators of truly unique and elegant jewelry, are pleased to announce the formation of a new partnership. The companies have collaborated to introduce an innovative line of jewelry designed to encase the REVOLAR Instinct-a multi-featured personal safety device- within a beautifully handcrafted locket designed by Cerimani. The lockets are designed to be worn as pendant necklaces. Each of the two styles is made of sterling silver paired with beautiful stones into which the Revolar Instinct Personal Safety Device securely fits. As part of a beautiful piece of jewelry, the REVOLAR Instinct remains easily accessible, simple to use and yet discreet.

Revolar lockets by Cerimani will be available in Mother of Pearl and Turquoise; selected by CERIMANI not only for their beauty, but for what each stone represents. Mother of Pearl, the outer layer protecting pearls, is known for its stunning iridescence, strength, and resilience. Turquoise stones have been used by jewelers for centuries, and are now associated with the beauty, strength and independent spirit of America’s Southwest.

“We introduced the CERIMANI brand to make a real difference and help empower people”

Combining REVOLAR’S Patented Safety technology with Cerimani’s beautiful designs will make women feel safer, stronger, and even more empowered.

REVOLAR’S revolutionary 1-2-3 Click Alert system provides every day functionality to users. 1-click activates REVOLAR’S Safe Check-In, sends the user’s GPS location and lets the user’s contacts know everything is fine. A 2-click Yellow alert also sends the user’s updating GPS location and advises selected contacts the user is uncomfortable and would like a phone call. The 3-click RED ALERT is a request for assistance NOW. Updating GPS location is also sent. All this is done IMMEDIATELY without fumbling for a phone or opening an app.

“When I first began to think about designing a personal safety device, I envisioned my sister pressing a necklace to get help,” said Jackie Ros, Founder and President of REVOLAR. “It has taken us several years to create the Instinct, and now to be able to combine our device with a beautiful piece of CERIMANI jewelry is a dream come true. It is an honor to work with CERIMANI as I not only love their work but I love knowing their products are sustainably made. I believe people should be able to feel safe and empowered and look good doing it at any time and now it’s finally here!

“We introduced the CERIMANI brand to make a real difference and help empower people. Our partnership with REVOLAR allows us to realize the true meaning of our name. “CERI” comes from the Sanskrit word for ‘FREEDOM’ and ‘MANI’ means ‘jewel.’ We are delighted to help bring safety and peace of mind to the lives of all women and allow them the freedom to choose to do what they desire,” added Ms. Proud Limpongpan, CERIMANI Founder and CEO.


Via: PR Newswire

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