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Samsung Galaxy Note7 recall: How to back up your data and return your device


After much anticipation, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 went on sale two weeks ago and received positive reviews and feedback.

After much anticipation, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 went on sale two weeks ago and received positive reviews and feedback. Unfortunately, rumors emerged last week that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. was preparing for a global recall of the device due to defective batteries.

Regardless of the problem only affecting 35 devices so far, the recall of the Note7 has now been confirmed by the company, a situation that will cost the company approximately $1 billion, according to estimates by Bloomberg. The recall of approximately 2.5 million devices will not only have a financial impact for the company, but also could hurt the company’s reputation.

While there is never a good time for a massive recall, the timing of the Note7 recall couldn’t be worse as Apple prepare to launch its latest flagship, the iPhone 7, on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

If you are one of the 2.5 million customers that couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Galaxy Note7, we look at how you can backup your data and return your device.

How to backup your Note7 data

If the idea of exploding batteries hasn’t put you off the Note7 and you will exchange your recalled Note7 for a fixed one (when available), then the best option to backup your data is with Samsung Cloud. Alternatively, use Samsung’s Smart Switch app to transfer your data to another Samsung device.

Samsung Cloud

With the Note 7, Samsung introduced Samsung Cloud, as a way to backup your phone. Auto backup happens every 24 hours, but for it to take place your Note7 needs to charging with the screen off for 10 minutes. However, you can also do a manual backup with Samsung Cloud prior to returning your Note7.

Open the Settings app on your Note7 > Cloud and accounts > Samsung Cloud > Back up my data > tap the Back up nowbutton at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung Cloud provides a comprehensive backup of your Note7 device. In addition to your Samsung account’s Contacts and Calendar, Samsung Cloud will also backup keyboard data, gallery, Samsung Notes, and internet bookmarks etc. Using Samsung Cloud will also backup your phone logs, clock settings, apps, home screen layout including widgets and wallpapers, messages, music, device settings, including ringtones, and documents.

Smart Switch app

The Smart Switch app comes preinstalled on Galaxy devices, but you will need both your Note7 and your alternative Samsung device with you to make the transfer.

Open the app on both devices and bring them within four inches of each other. Select the data you want to transfer and your data will be transferred to your new device using Wi-Fi Direct.

Google account

You can also use your Google account to make a backup of your data.

Open the Settings app on your Note7 > Cloud and accounts > Accounts > Google. Ensure sync is enabled for your contacts, calendar, etc.

In the Settings app again > tap Cloud and accounts > Backup and reset. Under the Google account section, ensure Back up my data is enabled.

Note: Using this option will create a backup of contacts, apps, etc of your Note7, but if you want to keep any photos or videos from your device you will need to create a backup on Google Photos.

How to return your Note7

Once you have made a backup of your Note 7, you can contact the Samsung U.S. Customer Service team on 1-800-SAMSUNG or start a live chat on the company’s support website. Alternatively, you can take it back to the store where you bought it.

Customers have the option to exchange their Note7 for a fixed version, a process that could start as early as this week. Alternatively, the Note7 can be exchanged for a Galaxy S7 Edge, with a refund in price difference and replacement of any Note7 accessories.

If you are exchanging your device for another Note 7 or a Galaxy S7 device, then the company are also providing a $25 gift card or credit off your carrier bill.

Verizon Wireless has announced it will waive its restocking fee for Note7 customers until the end of September.

Sprint Corp. are offering Note7 customers a “similar device” until new Note7 devices are available.

Source: Collen Kriel.

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