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Samsung Gear VR with New Features


The new Samsung Gear VR model will still retail for $99, but it will offer a few small advantages over the previous version.

Samsung Gear VR – Latest Edition – Available Now!

Samsung Gear VR may not pack the same graphical power as its distant cousin, the Oculus Rift, but Samsung’s mobile virtual reality headset ( Samsung Gear VR) has already seen much wider adoption, and earlier this year, Samsung claimed that over 1 million people had used Gear VR in April. This week, Samsung announced that it will be fine tuning its Samsung Gear VR with a new version that will add a more streamlined touchpad, USB-C support, and more.

The first obvious difference with the new Gear VR is its color scheme, with the old white case swapped out for a dark blue one. This mirrors the color schemes of many of Samsung’s other devices, and coincidentally move it further away from Apple’s typical aesthetic.

The new Gear VR model will still retail for $99, but it will offer a few small advantages over the previous version. For example, the new Gear VR boasts a moderately wider field of view, with an FOV of 101 degrees compared to the previous 90 degrees. That means that the device’s virtual reality apps will be able to cover more of the user’s vision, creating a more immersive virtual environment. The headset also comes with slightly more padding inside the visor, making Gear VR a little more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Since the new Gear VR release also coincides with the release of the new Galaxy Note 7, the headset will also now make use of a USB-C port to connect with mobile devices. If your Galaxy device does not have that connection, do not worry: the new Gear VR port can be swapped out for a different connection.

Finally, the user controls have gotten a bit of a facelift, with a smoother touchpad that blends in better with the rest of the device. The new Gear VR also sports a dedicated home button on the visor, making it easier for users to return to the Oculus Home screen.

The updated Samsung Gear VR is available NOW!.

Buy from SamsungSamsung Gear VR (2016) is now available for only $99.99. Plus free shipping!

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Source: Samsung viaSiliconAngle

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