Spotify Music Player Mighty Vibe – Best Gift for Spotify Lovers

Spotify Music Player Mighty Vibe - Best Gift for Spotify Lovers

Mighty Vibe – Spotify Music Player

Stream Spotify music anywhere – without a phone, makes the best gift for music lovers and Spotify fans, this holiday season 2018.

Mighty, the first device to play Spotify Music on-the-go without a phone, has redefined the streaming music experience with the release of the new Vibe Collection. Mighty Vibe, driven largely by customer feedback, has a fresh new look and multiple improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

“The Mighty Vibe redefines streaming music experience with a fresh design, new mobile app, and enhanced performance.”

“The Mighty team really values our users and we love receiving product feedback directly from the community,” says Founding Partner and VP, Business Development Anthony Pu. “The general message we received on our first generation Mighty was that we’ve built the product people want. The experience just needs to be more stable and smooth.”

Mighty Vibe has improved battery life with 5+ hours on both wired and Bluetooth accessories. There is a redesigned antenna, expanding Bluetooth playback range and new Bluetooth software, increasing connectivity and compatibility with all Bluetooth accessories. The company has also refreshed the product design, introduced three new colors, and will be dropping a brand new, redeveloped mobile app to round out the new experience.

“We are extremely excited for the Mighty Vibe Collection as this is our next chapter in enabling streaming music everywhere,” says Founder and CEO Anthony Mendelson. “We created the first product to play Spotify Music offline without a phone and Mighty Vibe takes that experience to another level.”

Mighty is the perfect companion for your workouts, daily commutes, and adventures. The Vibe Collection is now available in Gully Blue, Mooshu Red and Zazzy Black to compliment your personal style.

Mighty features for today’s streaming music user:

  • Spotify playlists and podcasts offline for playback anywhere
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and wired headphones and speakers
  • WiFi and Bluetooth enabled for wireless syncing
  • Automatic playlist and podcast updates
  • 1,000+ song storage
  • 5+ hours of continuous playback
  • Water and drop resistant
  • Small, lightweight, and clips onto anything
  • Requires a Spotify Premium account

The Mighty Vibe is now available at for $69.99.


Mighty Audio builds products that enhance the streaming music experience. The company’s first product, Mighty, takes your streaming audio on-the-go without a phone, screen, or Internet connection. It’s the perfect way to break free from your phone during runs, trips to the gym, and commutes, and to entertain your kids without more screen time. Mighty launched in July 2017 with a Spotify partnership and new streaming partners will be introduced in the coming months.

Mighty Audio was founded in Venice Beach in early 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs and designers who think that life is simply better when the phone is off.


Via: Businesswire

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