Experience the Super Bowl 2017 Stadium in Virtual Reality

Super Bowl 2017 in VR Virtual Reality
vCAD, a virtual reality startup, is making it possible to tour the Super Bowl LI stadium in virtual reality. (Photo: Business Wire)

vCAD, a virtual reality startup out of Knoxville, Tenn., is making it possible to tour this year’s Super Bowl LI stadium in virtual reality. Users can walk through the entire stadium, wander onto the field and look down from the rafters. By simply downloading the vCAD app and registering for a free account (no credit card information required), the tour is available on the vCAD Gallery, where hundreds of other CAD projects are free to experience. To create the simulation, vCAD converted a readily available 3D CAD model of Reliant Stadium, currently known as NRG Stadium (the home of the Super Bowl LI).

“We wanted to give Super Bowl fans a personalized way to experience the stadium that only virtual reality can provide,” said Jon Huber, chief technical officer for vCAD. “And it’s certainly a fun way to get a glimpse of what Lady Gaga will see if she performs on the roof.”

vCAD is an intuitive CAD conversion system designed to seamlessly transfer CAD files to virtual reality experiences on mobile devices for architects, designers, engineers and other 3D modelers.

“These models highlight the ease of use of uploading a CAD file, automatically converting it to a virtual reality format and delivering it to every smartphone over the cloud,” said Huber. “Combined with our One-Touch Navigation®, vCAD is the ultimate tool for immersive CAD visualization.”

Super Bowl 2017 Stadium in Virtual Reality (VR)
vCAD app users can walk on the Super Bowl LI field and get a view from any seat in the stadium, all in virtual reality. (Photo: Business Wire)

vCAD incorporates its specialized One-Touch Navigation® that works to eliminate motion sickness usually felt by virtual reality users. Those without a headset can simply toggle the view to the full screen non-VR modes with a simple click of a button.

For visitors with an iPhone 6, 7, Pixel, or equivalent performing phones, the “Highly Detailed” Collection is available and includes a fully detailed version of the NRG Stadium.

This Super Bowl file is part of the “Featured” collection on the vCAD VR Gallery and can only be experienced with the vCAD App available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

About vCAD

vCAD is virtual reality for the design professional – a simple and comprehensive system that transforms your CAD models into 3D fully navigable, immersive models in VR. The vCAD system includes a Web Application that immersifies your CAD files, cloud project management and a virtual reality app that delivers your model in immersive 3D on a Smartphone viewer. You are one click away from your project being demonstrated to your clients in compelling virtual reality. Visit http://www.vcad.com/ to learn more.


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