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THeragun Pro - Massage Gun

Last Updated on February 1, 2023

Theragun PRO – All-New 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

Theragun Pro - All-New 4Th Generation Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

Top-of-the-line, commercial-grade deep muscle treatment meets personalized, guided app experiences that help to reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and increase relaxation. With a rotating arm and continuous battery life the Theragun PRO is the advanced, professional-grade recovery tool of choice for professionals and everyday people worldwide.

Professional Grade Massage Gun

Theragun PRO puts the power of professional-grade treatment in the hands of everybody. From advanced ergonomics to continuous battery life, every feature is designed with the performance and convenience of professionals in mind.

These days, it’s the norm. But stress, tension, and fatigue don’t have to be. Here’s how an at-home wellness routine with the Theragun can change the way you feel daily—from your first video call to your last.

Theragun Pro Athletes
Credit: Theragun

What is a Theragun Pro

Theragun PRO is a powerful massage gun for deep muscle treatment atheletes trust for its durability and features.

Theragun PRO enhances muscle recovery, releases stress and tension, and soothes discomfort with its smart percussive therapy technology.

QuietForce Technology QX150: Built to deliver professional-grade power

No motor in existence could deliver the unparalleled power of a Theragun PRO while also operating quietly, that’s why Theragun was created. The Theragun PRO’s commercial-grade brushless motor with QuietForce Technology quietly delivers up to 60 lbs. of no-stall force. And with Active Torque Control™, the Theragun PRO massage gun maintains all that power without diluting treatment speed or quality.


Benefits of Theragun PRO

Scientific Targeted Force

Depth, speed, and force are key to any deep muscle treatment, but Theragun PRO impacts muscle with a targeted, scientifically calibrated dose for greater therapeutic benefits for the body. All it takes is a quick 30 second sweep over muscle groups to increase circulation, release tension and soreness, and enhance performance.

Theragun Pro Gym
Credit: Theragun

Powerful Deep Muscle Therapy

When Theragun founder Dr. Jason Wersland searched for a natural solution for his pain, the devices he tried didn’t get to the root of his discomfort. 13 versions later, the PRO delivers 60% deeper amplitude and speed with up to 60 lbs. force without stalling – a powerful, potent dose you won’t find with low-amplitude, high-speed devices.

Personalized Wellness

Bluetooth enabled and seamlessly integrated with a new newly updated, fully-personalized app experience, PRO is connected to your life in a more meaningful way than ever. The Therabody app continues to interact with and learn from your behaviors and preferences, it will suggest customized treatments to support the things you enjoy doing most.

4th Generation of Theragun Devices

Enjoy Theragun Pro Anytime Anywhere

In the midst of a hectic day, percussive therapy is a powerful, natural way to take a moment to check in and care for your body.

MORNING – Start your day with a full-body boost

Quickly sweep across your upper traps, palms, quads, hamstrings, and feet for 15 seconds each to help wake up the body and get blood flowing. Complete with a glass of water and a few crossover arm stretches and you’re ready for the day ahead.


Set a reminder to get some sunlight and fresh air between calls. Then, do 15-30 second sweeps each on your pecs, traps, and forearms to reset your posture and release tension in the muscle groups that pull your head and shoulders forward while staring at your laptop for hours at a time.

Theragun Pro After Work Massage
Credit: Theragun

EVENING – Decompress after a long day.

Hitting the spots that store all of that pent up tension from the day ultimately helps with better sleep. Using light pressure, move the Theragun slowly across the upper traps, deltoids, palms, and low back for 45 seconds each.

Limited time deal
TheraGun Pro - Handheld Massage Gun - Athlete Approved...
  • Athlete Approved: Handheld Percussion massage gun by industry leader Therabody, designed for optimal deep tissue and muscle soreness relief. 60% deeper than the average massage gun providing elte pain relief.

Theragun PRO App

The app that personalizes your routine and guides you through your wellness journey.

The Therabody app learns from your real-time activity and behaviors, integrating with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health to recommend guided, personalized wellness routines that can be run on Bluetooth® enabled devices.


TheraGun Smart App Overview

The PRO is smart device enabled with Bluetooth® connectivity, designed to pair seamlessly with the Therabody app. When you download the app, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step setup and shown how to pair your device. Once paired with your device, the app can remotely adjust speed, activate guided treatment presets, and make real-time recommendations based on your usage. The PRO’s OLED screen supports your app experience by displaying the current speed and force to help guide your treatment.

Saved Preset Routines on Device

The PRO can store up to three presets locally. Each preset is a unique combination of speed, time, and force depending on the guided wellness routine it stems from. That means that each person’s device is specific to them and can be tailored to their particular needs.

6 Easy-to-Clean Attachments

What touches your body matters, and hard plastic can harm the body. So all of the attachments, except the Supersoft, are made with non-porous closed-cell foam, which can be easily wiped clean for a more hygienic experience.

How to Use Theragun PRO

1. Insert the lithium-ion battery fully before turning on the PRO.
2. To turn on the PRO, firmly press and hold the center button for 2 seconds on the button pad.
3. Press the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on the button pad to increase or decrease speed.
4. Press the left (<) and right (>) arrows on the button pad to toggle between the PRO’s pre-loaded treatment presets.
5. To turn off the PRO, firmly press and hold the center button on the button pad until the device shuts down.

Connecting the Attachments

Align the attachment with the tip of the rotating arm and push to connect. To remove, grip the attachment, placing 1 finger on each side of the plastic connector. Pull off the attachment.

Using the Rotating Arm

The PRO’s rotating arm adjusts to 4 positions. To adjust the arm, push the rotating arm button on the underside of the PRO and move the arm to the desired position.

What’s Included

• Theragun PRO
• Protective Carrying Case
• 6 Attachments with Travel Pouch
• Supersoft
• Dampener
• Standard Ball
• Wedge
• Thumb
• Cone
• 2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries
• Lithium-ion Battery Charger

Theragun Pro What Is Included
Credit: Theragun

Smart Features

Smart App Integration via Bluetooth®, OLED Screen, Customizable Speed Range, 3 App-Guided Preset Routines Saved on Device


5 built-in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 percussions per minute) and app-controlled customizable speed range (any speed between 1750-2400 percussions per minute).


16 millimeters

Attachment Compatibility

All 4th Generation attachments

Accessory Compatibility

PRO Wireless Charging Stand, Multi-Device Wireless Charger, World Travel Charger


10 in x 7.1 in x 3 in
(25.5 cm x 18.0 cm x 7.6 cm)


2.9 lbs
(1.3 kg)

Battery Life and Charge Time

300 minutes total, 150 minutes per battery; 75 minutes

Battery Type

2 16V External Lithium-ion Batteries


2-Year Limited Warranty

Where to Buy Theragun PRO

You can buy Theragun PRO directly from Theragun, or from Amazon.

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