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Top Gift Ideas for Sports Fans


Best gifts for sports fans

Cool Gift Ideas for Sports Fans


Here are a handful of gift ideas for the sports inclined in your life.

Handsome John Daly Pants

Do you like golf? Is John Daly your favorite golfer? Because you are a person of refinement and distinction, the answer to both is yes. But where does he get his pants? You know, the ones with the utterly lunatic patterns? Does he have some kind of special textile mill? I don’t know. How would I know that? But look at them!

Wooden Tennis Rackets

Modern tennis is thoroughly weaponized and only becoming more so. With the constant advances in racket technology, it is only a matter of time before the sport evolves to the point where every served ball vaporizes on impact the moment it is struck, which will require adjustments in the rules. You know what was really fun? Back when men were men, and rackets were wood, and cunning and finesse were as important as brute force. That was good enough for Rod Laver and Arthur Ashe and John McEnroe, and it’s good enough for you. Check it out!

Ring of Fire

No sport mingles triumph and tragedy with quite the discomfiting ease of boxing, and no documentary has better captured that duality than Ron Berger’s 2005 film about the life and career of former welterweight great Emile Griffith. Although the movie is more than a decade old, its themes and subtexts feel more bracingly relevant then ever. A must for any fight fan.

Nikon 360 Camera

If you have not yet availed yourself of the brain-busting world of 360′ photography, prepare to be freaked out in a more or less benign way. It’s witchery. Whether chronicling an epic hike or engaging a little light espionage for Bill Belichick, worlds are about to open to you.

Baseball Prospectus

I don’t know much about religious texts, but I do know that for any serious practitioner of fantasy baseball, this is all the bible study you’re going to need. For those of us who like to spend the months of March through September in a borderline hypnotic state, crunching stats in a dark room and desperately trying to identify future stars while they are still kicking around A ball, this is your liturgy. Go forth and prosper.

Fly Fishing Vest

Look, I don’t know anything about fly fishing. But I feel like I SHOULD. I should get into it. Thus, I have been in consultation with the publishers of Tail Magazine, the official publication of the fly game, and they have recommended this rad vest for aspiring anglers. Known to be lightweight, water repellent, and wearable all year long.

‘Belichick and Brady: Two Men, The Patriots and How They Revolutionized Football’

Love or hate them, the Patriots are the greatest NFL franchise in recent memory, dominating year after year despite a league-mandated emphasis on parity at all costs. Michael Holley’s fascinating look into the personalities and dynamics between the two secretive men most responsible for that sustained success is half Season On The Brink and half All The President’s Men.

A Football Life DVD Package

For those of you who’ve not seen the NFL Network’s stalwart A Football Life series, just about every episode is an essential window into our national preoccupation. Operating with admirable candor while assessing subjects ranging from the sainted Tom Landry to the decidedly sinful John Riggins, it scrubs admirably away at the polished artifice that is the league’s typical posture.

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