camera lens cleaning tips

Best Camera Lens Cleaning Tips You Should Follow

Last Updated on August 16, 2020 by Karen Maldonado

 Camera Lens Cleaning Tips

Camera Lens Cleaning is crucial to keep your lenses functioning optimally: Follow these three simple steps:

1. Avoid unnecessary cleaning. Clean the lens only when necessary. Because the more you clean it the more you interact with the lens and the more risk to the lens coatings. There is always a risk of scratching the lens every time you clean it.
2. You could have a few specs of dust on your lens but that will not affect the picture quality. Try to avoid cleaning the lens every time you see a spec of dust, for the reasons mentioned above.
3 .Avoid touching the rear element of the lens to avoid fingerprints or dirt, especially when changing lenses. Always keep a cap on to avoid scratches.

 The Camera Lens Cleaning process:

1. Begin by removing as much dust and dirt as possible with a camera lens blower and/or a soft-bristled lens cleaning brush.
2. Apply a few drops of special camera lens cleaning solution to a lens cleaning tissue or special camera lens lens cleaning cloth. Do NOT apply it directly to the lens itself.
3. Working from the center outward. in a a circular motion, gently remove remaining fingerprints, smudges or dirt from the lens surface,