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The Definitive Guide to the Best Robot Lawn Mower 2023

Last Updated on February 20, 2023

Robots are invading our homes, and this time they’re here to cut the grass! No more getting out the old lawn mower and spending an hour or so trying to make it through your yard. A robot lawn mower is the new way to go, and it’s definitely worth the investment. Check out these five best robot lawn mowers on the market today!

5 Best Top Rated Robot Lawn Mowers You Can Buy Today

1. Worx Landroid S Robotic Lawn Mower

Best Selling Robot Lawn Mower

Worried about mowing your lawn every week?

Worx Landroid S is the perfect solution. It’s a robotic lawnmower that does all the work for you – so you can relax and enjoy your weekend.

With Landroid, you don’t have to worry about getting out the mower or dealing with any of the hassles that come with it. It’s easy to use – just download the app and control it remotely. And it can handle even the most difficult terrain, so you know your lawn will always be perfectly trimmed..

Worx Landroid S is built to withstand regular weather conditions, but for heavy rain and extreme heat we have a garage that provides some shelter and UV protection.

You can control it remotely with the Landroid app, and the cutting technology ensures it can pass through narrow paths with ease.

The Anti-Collision System helps Landroid to see and veer around obstacles, so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck.

Worx Landroid S is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a hassle-free lawn without having to do any of the work themselves. With just a few clicks, you can have your robot lawnmower up and running – no assembly required!

2. Husqvarna Automower® 315X Robotic Lawn Mower

Best Robot Lawn Mower for Hills

Husqvarna Automower is the world’s first robotic lawn mower. It’s easy to install and requires no maintenance – just set it up and let it go! You just need to press a few buttons (or use your voice) and it will take care of the rest.

The Husqvarna Automower 315X uses a GPS-assisted navigation system, an autonomous mowing cycle, and a superior cutting system to make sure your grass is always healthy and looks great.

The Automower 315X can mow up to 70 minutes on a single charge, and when the battery gets low, it will automatically return to its charging station.

The Automower 315X is a good choice for medium sized yards that have complex areas and slopes up to 40%.

This robotic lawnmower can be controlled using the Automower Connect mobile app on your smartphone. You can also use Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices to control it.

The built-in theft protection ensures your mower will always be there when you need it, while the compact design makes it easy to navigate through tight spaces. You’ll love the beautifully cut lawn 24/7.

3. Mowro Robot Lawn Mower

Best Robot Lawn Mower for Safety

The Mowro Robot Lawn Mower can be controlled with a Wi-Fi enabled app.This way, you can easily schedule when you want the lawn mowed, monitor the battery level, and check for error codes. It is efficient and operates quietly with a brushless motor.

Not only is this electric lawn mower convenient, but it’s also safe for your family and pets. With a protective blade guard and bump-and-tilt sensor, you can rest assured that everyone will be safe while Mowro does its job.

You can choose from three different cutting heights, so you get the perfect cut every time. Plus, this robot lawn mower is built to handle hills and slopes up to 30 degrees – making it perfect for any yard.

4. Gardena SILENO Life Robotic Lawn Mower

Best Robot Lawn Mower for Quiet Cutting

Gardena SILENO Life is the perfect robotic lawn mower for anyone who wants a beautiful, well-manicured yard without all the hassle. It’s easy to connect to your smartphone and navigate, so you can relax and enjoy your backyard while it takes care of the lawn for you.

The Gardena SILENO Life Robotic Lawn Mower is safe and reliable. It has a boundary wire that ensures the mower only mows the areas specified.

It also has collision sensors to make sure it operates safely with no accidents or damage to your garden. The SILENO can be used in all weather conditions and can cut lawns of all shapes, including slopes of up to 35 percent.

With a noise level of only 57 dbA, you won’t even know it’s there. And its precision navigation ensures that every blade of grass is cut evenly – so your lawn will look great no matter how often you use it.

5. Robomow RX20 Smart Robot Lawn Mower

Best Robot Lawn Mower for Small Yards

Robomow RX20 is the perfect solution for you! This smart robot lawn mower can do the job for you, while you relax and enjoy your free time. It’s easy to set up and even easier to use – just tell it what shape of lawn you have and let it go to work.

Robomow RX20 Smart Robot Lawn Mower is easy to set up. You only need an hour to install it and you can use a one-button operation. Put peg wire around the perimeters of where you want the lawn mowed. Then set your weekly schedule for Robomow to do its job!

The Robomow RX20 Smart Robot Lawn Mower can be controlled by voice command with the help of Alexa, making it a part of the smart home ecosystem. You can operate and communicate with your mower via a smart phone, web app, or voice activation. The personalized web app lets you manage your mower from any place, any time.

You don’t have to worry about Robomow getting stuck in tight spots or running over cords – it has sensors that help it avoid obstacles. And when it’s done, it automatically returns to its base station so you can start preparing for the next cutting session.

Things to Consider When Buying a Robot Lawn Mower

When looking to buy a robot lawn mower, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration. Here are some of the most important factors:

  1. Size of lawn – If your lawn is less than 1,000 square feet, a robot lawn mower may be the best option for you. Larger properties will require a riding mower.
  2. Features – Make sure to consider what features are important to you when purchasing a robot lawn mower. For example, some models can be set to operate at specific times of the day, while others can mulch and bag grass clippings.
  3. Cost – Robot lawn mowers can range in price from around $800 to $2,000 or more depending on the capacity and features included.
  4. Ease of use – Most robot lawn mowers are easy to operate and come with detailed instructions.

Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Worth it

Robotic lawn mowers are definitely worth it if you want to save time and have a perfectly cut lawn. They are small, lightweight, and easy to operate. They also work quietly so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work Well

There’s no question that robot lawn mowers can save you time and energy when it comes to caring for your yard. But do they actually work well? The answer may surprise you.

In general, robot lawn mowers work very well. They are able to maneuver around obstacles, identify areas that need more attention, and even return to their charging station when they’re running low on power. Of course, as with any technology, there can be the occasional hiccup but, overall, robot lawn mowers are very reliable.

One of the biggest benefits of using a robot lawn mower is that you can set it and forget it. Simply schedule your mower to run at a time that works for you. With the time you save, you can do other enjoyable things such as enjoying a barbecue, making a pizza, or chilling in a hot tub.

How Long Does an Automower Last

There are a variety of factors that can affect the lifespan of an automower, such as the make and model of the machine, how often it is used, how well it is maintained, and the type of terrain it is used on. That being said, most automowers are designed to last for around 10-15 years with proper care.


With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to buy a robot lawn mower and say goodbye to all of that hard work! These machines are sure to make your life easier, and with so many different options available, there’s sure to be one perfect for your needs. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing and pick your favorite!

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