Tzumi Dream Vision VR (Virtual Reality) Headset

Tzumi Dream Vision VR headset transforms your mobile phone into a portal to a magical virtual world. Simply place your smartphone into the headset, plug in the connected earbuds and enter a new virtual world. There are 1000s of videos and apps to choose from and more content being created daily!

Dream Vision VR Headset Features

The Dream Vision Virtual reality headset has retractable earbuds, which is very convenient. It is also compatible with all VR apps, as well with all iPhone and Android phones up to a 6″ screen size. It includes focus/distance adjustments for a fine-tuned visual experience.

The Dream Vision headset is lightweight and has an adjustable strap and soft padding which makes it very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. It also includes a carrying case.

The Tzumi Dream Vision Virtual Reality headset comes loaded with top 10 virtual reality apps. Visit to download more free apps, games and explore the virtual reality universe.

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