Best Smart Home Hub – Amazon Echo Plus

Best Smart Home Hub – Amazon Echo Plus

Last Updated on March 19, 2023

Best Smart Home Hub – Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon is trying its best to make itself the center of every smart home, and we can see that in their product – Amazon Echo Plus with built-in Hub.

If you have used the standard Echo, you will notice many changes in this new model. It is smaller, sounds and looks better. Besides, the interesting thing is it is cheaper as well, which is a surprising factor, as most improved and advanced versions of Amazon product are relatively expensive and require a lot of consideration.

Before we shed light on its key feature, it is imperative to mention one thing here that some consumers state that the design language of this produce isn’t changed. It is virtually identical to its last version; only the coat of pain is new with some minor changes.

Therefore, choose this product carefully.

Make sure you aren’t opting for the last version, as the last version also looks quite innovative, particularly if you are purchasing this product first time.

Echo Plus with Built-in Hub

So, what is Echo Plus Smart Hub?

In one sentence, it is a hand-free speaker, which you control through your voice, and it controls your home. It connects you with the Alexa voice service and obeys your orders.

You make this device do whatever you want. You can ask questions, play music, make a call, and etc. It follows your command at once.

All you need is to ask!

And, the best thing is you don’t have to sit in front of it. It can hear your voice from all directions. It has 360o room filling sound powered by Dolby.

Echo Plus (2nd Gen) - Premium sound with built-in smart...
  • Meet the Echo Plus - Same great sound as our Echo (3rd Gen) with a built-in Zigbee hub to easily setup and control your compatible smart home devices.

Amazon Echo Plus Features

Below are some more key features of the Amazon Echo Plus that can assist you in perceiving why this product is special and better than the previous model.

  • Design: When it comes to overall design, as we have said before, there isn’t some special change. The company is stuck with the design of the original echo. The only difference is this new version isn’t in black color; it is in silver or white option. Furthermore, it is just 3-inch shorter and a bit wider. You will find two buttons on top of it; one summons Alexa, while the other one turns off its mic.
  • Functionality: Echo Plus has smart functionality. This new product acts as the go-between for multiple devices. It has a ZigBee wireless protocol that let other devices interact with it directly, without the need of any hub unit. It appears that Amazon tried to simply its functionality more. In addition, it has seven microphones with beam forming technology. Even in noisy environments, it can hear you without any trouble.
  • Routines: Most people don’t know about it, but there is a new feature in Echo Plus, known as ‘Routines’.  It is an improved interface for managing your home smartly. For example, you can turn off the overhead lights and turn on the TV just by saying ‘Alexa, TV time’. It is really fun to use this feature and impress your friends. And, it is a big step forward towards something new and breathtaking, which we notice only in the movies.

All in all, there is nothing we don’t like about Echo Plus.

It can do anything you want; from controlling your TV to ordering pizza, and more.

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